Best Magic Yoyo?


I’m looking to get a first metal. I’ve heard that magic yoyo has some of the best budget metals and I want to know which one i should get. I’ve heard that the t5 and n12 were very good. Any agreements or disagreements? Thanks for the help!


I’m going to say that N12 is probably their best.
Though I think the second best is their plastic one called dark sprite, I think


Magic has many different models. I only have the T8, it cost me about $10 and I am happy with it.


Yeah, i saw the n12 on amazon for <20 so I plan on ordering it soon.


Only the n12 can be called good really. I myself dont find the d5 better than the protostar and the d6 even worse.
The hubstack sidecap d8 might also worth a try if you like fingerspins lol derp


Agree on the N12. No gimmicks like some of their throws and just a well done shape


This is only my first metal. I’m upgrading from a YYF velocity so I really don’t plan on doing much grinding right off the bat.


I really like the n12 it’s just an amazing one but for z stacks I really like the n9


The N12 is definitely the one to get, but I also have a soft spot for the T6 because it’s a nice solid undersized yo-yo, and the N8s is really great too.

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MagicYoyo D8! N12 is a close second. Or you could wait till they release K9. Comes out in August.


You can’t just say that!

Where did you get the info? Links/details! (Pls!)


So the best 3 MagicYoYos include 2 you can’t buy? Awesome :slight_smile:

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The D8 features what I believe to be the best hubstack system ever assembled. It is more of a performance feature and less of a gimmick. The stacks are integrated into the body of the yoyo. This allows for many improvements!

  1. The stacks are quiet during normal play. No extra noise is produced!

  2. Don’t cause vibe like Z-stacks.

  3. Easy to catch. Aren’t too big or too tiny. I’m approaching 80% accuracy on catches.

  4. Lovely for fingerspins since they have a dimple.

During normal play this yoyo is smooth and solid. It really feels great on a string. The shape is too cool. The bearing is great. The pads were slippy at first. I recommend it as the best MagicYoyo. However it is one of the least available. Through email correspondence with MagicYoyo I have learned that they will be releasing a tweak D8 called the k9. The stack system stays the same. So is the shape. The stacks are only slightly bigger. If it is as good as the D8 it’ll be a best seller.


How much is the k9 going to be as compared to the n12 which I can get on amazon for ~$20?

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The price of the k9 will be released in August. That’s not too long to wait.