What is the best Magic yoyo


What is the best Magic yoyo?

Please answer.

Thank you.


Is there even a best magic yoyo?


N12 is the clear best, then it gets a little less clear as people have different tastes and MagicYoYo’s styles are wide and varied. Stay away from the plastic though, it’s not as good and (in my case anyway) cracks too easily.


I loved the N6.


I’ll add my vote to the N12, which I have. It’s great :slight_smile:


what does that mean?


He’s just pointing out that it really comes down to preferences

That being said the N12 is definitely the best performing one I’ve tried


Definitely the N12, but some may prefer the T5 because of the shape.

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MagicYoyo D8 is the best. I’ve played N8 and I own the N12. The D8 offers a great shape, amazing hubstack play, and great stability. It will be released in about a week under the name K9.


Yay K9!