What's your favorite Magic Yoyo?

So I responded to this topic last night but apparently it got deleted. Not sure why as it was an old topic.

But anyway… I have a T5 which isn’t bad. I still use it a couple times a week just to compare how I can complete a trick on a cheap metal yoyo. BUT I got an N11 last night and this thing is waaaay better in my opinion. Sleeps forever, is dead quiet, smooooooth, and grinds perfectly. It came with these cheap milky white rubber rings for weight. They work great but were supper ugly. So I went out to the garage and grabbed the same size O-rings in black and looks soo much better. Going to be a good weekend playing with this new throw.

This thread comes up every 2 weeks or so. It’s the N12 for 99% of the people.

Yea that’s why I responded to it. I didn’t want to start a whole new thing. But the tread got deleted last night so… Yea. New thread.

The D8 is the sickest. Most people will come to know it as the k9.

Magics are good? I always saw them as cheap pieces of crap…worth getting as a metal beater?

They play quite well. Especially the newer ones. You ought to try the N12, N8, D8, K8, and K9 before you judge the brand.

Funny thing is that many people who think of them as cheap worthless stuff actually haven’t played them enough to talk about its quality.
There is a theory in business that if you produce something and sell it too low, it won’t attract buyers, but instead making an image of cheap and low quality…
Short answer, they are actually really good for the price.

N12 Christmas Edition. Got it for 10 bucks on a site that rhymes with “Megatron”.

It feels a bit cheap in the hand but the shape is very comfortable, its astoundingly smooth, grinds ok, and comes with a really nice bearing. I leave mine on my desk at work for my co-workers and I to use whenever.

Bearing seat is almost YYF tight too FYI.

Probably the best starter throw around when it comes to value. N8 is fun too, but it is terrible on stability.

The N12 is soooo good! The stock response sucks, but replace with flowable and it’s an awesome throw.

I see the K series showing up on the big Chinese export sites so hopefully they will be stateside soon.

N12 for me. I’ve thrown that N11 before! Surprisingly good.

The only Magic I own/have tried is the T8 Shadow, but I like it.

They’ll be the best buy possible to arrive in about a week.