Should I get a magic yoyo n11?

Wow I’ve asked a lot of questions today. Anyway I’ve been debating about whether to get a new yoyo for a few days and I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have to spend 50+ dollars. Right now I have a T8 shadow from MYY and it’s the first nonresponsive yoyo i’ve ever had. I’ve had it for a couple weeks and I’ve dinged it up a bit. I like the design of the n11 and it’s 20 bucks on ebay. Does anyone know if the n11 plays any smoother or has a better feel than the T8 or if it’s a good yoyo in general?

I can’t speak for the N11, but I (and many others) would recommend the N12. It plays like a dream and it’s as smooth as butter. The shape is really nice and I feel like it has weight in all the right places. I have a KK bearing and RTV silicone in mine, as the stock response of Magic YoYos kind of suck (although the knockoff 10-ball KK that it comes with is actually kind of nice). As many others have said, it outplays metals that are well above its price (~$20).

I’ve looked at the N12. It just seems really big compared to my current T8 shadow. I like the black gold splash of the N11 and it kind of looks like a DV888 to me.

If it were my choice, I’d get the n12. But your question is if you should get the n11. I say go for it! How can you beat that price? You can’t!

T8 is pretty small for me :stuck_out_tongue:
It feels really “skinny” for me which dosen’t feel good for me on throws, and makes it harder to catch on the string.
However the n11 and n12 are both modern shaped yoyos that seem to play way better than their price tag.

However, I heard better things about the n12 , so I would personally get that :stuck_out_tongue:

Also remember, performance over color )

I have an n11, and I played my friend’s n12: get the n12. Both are nice, but the finish and play of the n12 is much nicer

The N11 is neat and all, but the N12 is really what you want.

The N11 for me plays better with the weight rings and still is smooth. Most other yoyos I have with weight rings, well, they get vibey, including the DiBase. The DiBase I prefer without the weight rings.

However, the N12 just stands above the rest.

The N10 is just “printing on a yoyo” and while not a bad player, I find I just don’t want to throw it, I want to look at it. The N11 experiments with undercut. The N12 is like going after competition in shape and quality. I find the T5 being similar as well, but a vastly different shape. The T5 is more my shape, but I feel the N12 is superior as a finished product.