Magic Yoyo N12

At the advice of Luke Renner I purchased a Magic Yoyo N12 Shark. What a fantastic yoyo. It’s not just a great yoyo for the price, it’s a great yoyo, period.

It’s smaller than my Shutter but bigger than my DV888. However, it doesn’t feel as dense as the DV888. It’s really stable and although I cringe when I hear people describe a yoyo as “floaty” I think I now understand what they’re talking about. It feels fantastic and is really fun to play with.

It has a low wall and wide catch zone which I really like. It feels great in the hand and when it comes back from a fast bind there are no edges which slam your hand. It’s just very comfortable. And it even comes with what looks like a center track bearing and it’s own storage bag.

As I played with the N12 some more last night I realized 2 things: First, I need to learn more tricks. I’m feeling really limited in what I can do. Second: I love this yoyo. At first I thought it was a bit on the small side but now I’m really loving it. It feels a lot more natural in the hand than the much larger Shutter or Replay Pro (both of which are fantastic yoyos).

The spin time is really good (and I haven’t even lubed the bearing yet). I also noticed that I’m having an easier time getting a smooth, non-vibrating spin. Usually, you’d expect a heavier yoyo to be more stable but somehow this one is light and “floaty” while still being very stable.

I’m really surprised at how good this feels for an inexpensive yoyo. Unfortunately, they’re not available here and I won’t violate the rules by linking to another store because I respect the work Andre and YYE do. But the quality and price point are so good that it may be a brand YYE could look into.

My first metal. I have so many fond memories.

MYY yoyos offer some of the best value out there. The N12 gets most of the buzz for various reasons, but they’re not a one-hit wonder, they have a really good line of affordable yoyos that can play. Whether it’s the M001 or M002 for full-sized, the under-sized T6 and N8, wide like the N6, or over-sized like the K8. Solid, not premium yoyos. I wouldn’t unscrew them for fear of causing vibe and a lot have stuck bearings, a little vibe, and not the best feel on the string. But they spin, stay on plane and all-around play well above their price. A new N12 can be had for around $11 these days. Crazy.

Yeah, this is an amazing yoyo for the price, and I don’t feel bad about using it for a beater because it’s soo cheap. Doesn’t quite have as great of a feel as a shutter to me but its definitely a close second and I highly reccomend as a very budget metal yoyo