N12 Magicyoyo

I have now had it for a few weeks now and I really do like it for $26! It’s nice and smooth, and the color is really cool! The strings it comes with arnt the best, but I have others. The ball bearing is really nice and now I have used it so much, I need some lube for it! I’m ready to get more of an upgrade and it’s really damaged now because my friends that don’t really know how to yoyo use it and hit it off the ground. I’ll have to have a crapy yoyo for them to use and not looking at getting the DV888. Heard great things about it. Off here, I’m getting a Dark Magic 2, and also a Phenomizm. I’m really excited for them to come in!

The n12 has recieved nothing but good results from everybody. I have yet to try one.

This yoyo is very good I have to admit.

A friend of mine purchased it as his first ‘serious’ yoyo and I have managed to try it out. It is smooth, very smooth and quiet. It is quite a light yoyo in comparison to say a genesis but more than a DM II because of its metal material. Comes with a 10 ball bearing which again is really quiet surprisingly. It might have the tendency to slip on a bind or two if you bind it lazily but otherwise I have to say it is a very impressive yoyo for it’s price range and can compete against some of the top of the line metals out there.

Got mine for $14 shipped.

Plays like a Monster.

Gave it away and it ended up on the BST ::slight_smile:

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