So I decided I would try magic Yoyo. T5,N8,N11,N12

So I had sold a clyw throw of mine and didn’t really have enough to buy something I really wanted so I decided I would buy some magic yoyos I purchased 4. And total it was about 85$ which isn’t bad. I was able to get them all inside the United States instead of having to wait for them to arrive from china
Bad thing is I’m at school right now working on a class project then have my late lecture so it’s gonna be a few hours before I can even throw them and I’m so excited!!
I bought the T5,N8,N12,N11 and they look great inside packaging so hopefully they play as nice as they look. I think I’m gonna try one out before my next class. Going to college makes life semi stressful so it’s nice to be able to get some throws in before classes. Here’s a pic

You made the right choice. :slight_smile:


People greatly underestimate how good magic yoyo’s are. They see “cheap” and “chinese” and automatically label them as bad. Really sad, as they make some of the nicest playing yoyo’s out there right now and their stuff is very VERY capable.

Nice choice of throws good sir!




VERY nice choices, those YoYos are the best playing and smoothest YoYos you can get for the price.

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I just put my n12 aside so I can study. Have a t5 on the way. You’re probably going to want to change the response on those, though some members have been successful with it. In EU they come with a 10ball concave bearing, if you have one of those, you’re gonna love it. string is really bad, imo, mine came with a knot, lol.

Can you please do a review of the n11? I’m considering it as my next purchase, but I can’t find any

Thanks in advance,

looks like you got the newer T5… Interested to see how your response is. Let me know if it’s nice, like a K-Pad or if it’s some cheap crummy pad. So far the 2011 versions have been consistently coming with the K-Pad type.

SkyHighYo and myself are big fans of the Magic Yo’s, especially the 2011 T5’s and always recommend them. I end up throwing my T5 than any other throw I own and I have a Peak, Canvas, Marmot, Puffin, Phenom and Freehand MG (my precious!!!) It plays just as well if not better than a lot of my $100+ throws and I don’t have to worry about people trying it out or dinging it, since I can replace it with the price of a meal. Great throws and like SkyHigh said, let us know what you think of the 2012 model T5 as we both have the 2011 model.

I don’t have the 2011 to compare it to, but the 2012 model seems quite powerful.

Kind of middle of the road in regards to most aspects such as float, weight, and speed. Some throws I own just have that ability to be nimble and as fast as they want, this one doesn’t seem to have it for me at least.

The stock response is rather slippy, and I sadly cannot replace it at the moment. The stock string is pretty tight, whips decent, and feels good after a fair amount of play. Little fuzz, nothing compared to average bulk string I’ve been using. Holds tension pretty well.

Also, shoutout to the T6. I’m very fond of undersized organics, and I enjoy it a lot.

Thanks for all the great responses guys!! It’s cool to know other people enjoy magic yoyos. One of my first metals was a magistrate. I bought it because my first metal purchase (dv888 which was tiny) didn’t suit me well because it was so small. So I bought a magistrate at the time I had no idea magic yoyos were a company many considered bad or dismissed because of price etc. turned out that I really enjoyed the magistrate. I ended up giving it to a friend who I became close with, he wasn’t able to find a solid career here in Portland so he went back to Texas and in the few months we hung out he learned to bind and the basic stuff but only had a psg I gave him. Anyways magic yoyos are great.

I myself love clyw and gen-yo but ever since I had thrown the magistrate I wanted more plus I now know my throw preference etc so I’m not buying blindly hoping I like it. I’m headed home and finally get to throw them. I’ve only been throwing since September give or take so I don’t know a lot. My best tricks are white Buddha, and what, black hops, triangle laceration, spirit bomb, whip hook, kwijibo. And for some reason I love doing Buddhas revenge and doing the sideways boingy boing. So as you just read I don’t know much. I try and learn as often as I can but I only know one person who throws and we both go to same college but have zero time that we both have free at same time so we can barely ever throw. I met him randomly when I could only bind, it was great. I was so amazed at the tricks he was doin and how his tricks flowed into one another. I’m doing my best to learn. Anyways I will do my best to write a review. Maybe I can write a review in comparison to a couple throws and explain the similarities and differences I felt? Idk any input on how to write a review would be great. If I get some help ill deff write one.


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Yea it’s not exactly floaty… but it does perform. I would just use some other string and throw away what came with it. I agree it’s about middle of the road for speed… but idk, I can get pretty much any yoyo movin pretty fast.

As for the response, you said yours slips a lot… I wonder if you didn’t get the crummy pads that other people got in their 2012 version. My binds are pretty tight and the pad doesn’t show any signs of giving out any time soon.

I actually kind of like the string :-X

And as for speed, at least for my take on it: You can make any yoyo go pretty much as fast as any other. It’s just when you push some yoyos they effortlessly go faster, less of a feeling of tension on the string perhaps. I don’t feel that is the case with the T5, that’s all. Just thought I should clarify. :slight_smile:

As to binds being slippy, they are so slippy that I can hear the string rubbing against it as the weight of the yoyo pulls the string out of the bind. If I need to wind back up after some failed attempt, the string has barely enough tension, if any, to be thrown. I have to daintily roll it off of my hand and get it tighter that way. I’ve tried multiple types of string now too.

In short, I need to change the response. :stuck_out_tongue:

can i haz a comparison between n11 an n12? i’m going to buy either one these soon, so your opinion will be valued.

bhahahahahahahahahaaa XD WHAT o__o where do they do that at?!?! Bhahahahaaa

meant to quote the “mine came with a knot” sorry for the double post. But yo thats hilarious!!!

I’m not talking about the slipknot or anything. I mean that at the middle of the string, on one of the two large strands there’s a knot to keep the string in place. I’ll take a picture when I’ll have the time.

That being said, my T5 came in the mail today, but it came with a defective axle. I’m gonna write the guy and see if there’s anything to be done.


N11 and N12 are brothers basically, Think of the YYF H.O.T and Supernova or OD Cascade and Code 2.

The N12 is heavier weighing almost 3g more than the N11, N12 is 1mm larger in Diameter than the N11 and 2mm wider, the gap width is almost identical in both yoyos due to them using C sized bearings.

The N11 is more of a bell shape with an undercut around the response. The N12 is more of a V shape that curves out at the rims.

I don’t own the N11 but I am ordering one within the next week, by the look of pictures and videos the N11 has more of a metallic finish a lot like the T5, the N12 has a bead blasted finish which makes it nicer for grinds.

Both yoyo’s will do great jobs, just choose which you prefer. With you being in europe you will get a 10ball koncave bearing in either of them as well.