Magic Yoyo n12,t5, t8

So after considering multiple reviews on the N12 I decided to pick one up and on amazon it came in a deal including the T5 overlord and the T8 Shadow and I haven’t seen any reviews on the T8 on here yet. Has anyone played with one or any other opinions on these yoyos? Not sure if I’ll keep em if they’re dead weight and I’ll just give em as a gift or something

I have a T8 I can’t stand it the shape I just find odd. Plus I find the yoyo a little narrow and the inside cup doesn’t really have a dome to do finger spins in. that and the ano on it can feel kind of sticky when your hands are hot.

Isn’t T8 seemingly modeled after yyf g5? I think they have very similar profile.
N12 and T5 are great, I prefer the narrower T5 but most people seem to like N12 better because it’s somewhat easier to play with.

All of the magic yoyos play really well it just depends on what demensions you prefer when determining which you’d like best.