Magic yoyo for me

I want to get a magic yoyo but don’t know which on maybe the n12 but hey I don’t know.

I’ve only tried the T5, which I own. I think it is very, very good. I think it is more stable than the dv888. It does not vibe very much for a $13 yoyo. I’ve heard good things about the N5 and the N12 too.

It depends on what you like, honestly. MYY makes all types of throws, the n5 is a wide throw, the n9 has stacks, the t5 is your classic, epic metal, etc. they’re all super cheap, so just play by your interests. If you like wide, go with n5, if you like stacks or whatever, go with the n9. That’s about the best advice I can give you about MYY. Any way you go, you’ll end up with a relatively cheap throw that’ll probably exceed your expectations of a max $30 min like $13 throw.

Cool I like a smooth ,stable ,a little heavier throw with nice gap and an interesting look .

T5 will definitely first the first two, can’t promise an interesting look though.

T6 rainbow is a more organic shape if you’re looking for that.

As others have said, they’re great throws!

I also play unresponsive it’s I don’t really like responsive throws

The n8 looks interesting

T8 is flat out weird

I can wholeheartedly recommend an n8. I loved mine and will get another. (I traded it to someone who lives in a country where MYY might be hard to get)

Sounds like you want an N6 Magistrate, I you don’t like the finish on the n6 go for an N12 Shark you can get some really nice colors and a nice blue/silver splash or a green/silver acid wash.

As you say ‘nice gap’ I would stay away from the T5 as it’s the smallest width of all the MYY line. All of them come with a C sized bearing so the gap will always be within MM of eachother. On the other hand you could go for a T5 if you’re looking for a little pocket yoyo that wont get in the way while it’s in your pocket, T5 would be a good idea.

I heard the N11 is extremely stable. It also seems to be right up your ally.

I personally use the T5.

I recently did a review on the N11, it’s stable to an extent. One wrong string hit on the body of the yoyo and the bell shape just makes it tilt like a mad-man.

N12 Gap Width (mm) 4.62
T5 Gap width: 4.7mm (approx)

They’re comparable to the gap of a dv888.
I have the n12 and t5 . Both are great. Just check the specs and pick one that seems nice to you. Even if it’s bad, you spent less than a protostar

Hmm… I revoke my suggestion then. Hehe. I must have heard wrong.

I guess I just need to test them all myself hehe

I might just get a t8 n11 or n12 and maybe an aoda littles

Does anybody know anything about aoda

I know that the PXY is pretty popular and that the Miracle looks epic! I’ve heard some mixed reviews about the PXY, though. Some people think its alright, and some don’t like it at all. I think there was a problem with the ceramic concave bearings they were selling them with, but the PXY also came in a wide range of anodized colors that gave it a ton of appeal. That’s about it from me.