Hey peeps of yoyoexpert, I was just thinking of buying a magicyoyo (they’re super cheap, what’s to lose?) and I needed advice. I’ve only tried one (the N5 desperado), so I can’t decide with they’re wide selection. So I would like a recommendation! I know it is annoying when people just ask “oh what’s the best yoyo” cause there is no best, but which is your favorite? to gig you a starting point I prefer full sized yo-yos, I don’t care all that much about spin time or stability, and my favorite throw of all time is the Arctic circle. So which do you think I should get?

I’ve got I think all of them. I just got the N10 and N11 recently but due to having other new arrivals, these have been kinda ignored this week.

The Desperado appears wide but really isn’t all that wide.

The T5 is one of my favorites. The N9 is too. The N10 and N11 seem really good with my brief play.

Since you’re into full sized, any of those 4 would be perfect. I think the T5 would be an ideal starting point. The N10 is really pretty, and the N11 was smooth even with the weight rings installed. TheN9 can be vibey due to the stacks but then it smooths out after a few seconds. Hate the bearing? Pop a real KK in there. Problem solved!

Definitely try the T5 and the N9. I removed the stacks from the N9 and it was glorious.

Hey! I have most of the Magicyoyos available and you can’t go wrong with any one of them! I can guarantee that there is not a better yo-yo for the price! I have never paid more than $20 for a Magicyoyo except the N10 Bamboo I got for $30. The rest were actually $12-$15 AFTER SHIPPING! I really love the N10, it is at least as good as any throw I own. I really love them all though. They are my favorite company because of the price and quality. Pick one, any one and you can’t go wrong. In my opinion though, the best is the N10, next best is N11, then N6, N5, T5, N9 (Without stacks) and the rest are still great, but the T8 is my least favorite (Which surprised me because I was really excited about that one.) only because it is too skinny with a larger diameter than I am comfortable with. I can’t wait for the shark though! Sorry I am so late here, but I hope this helps people.

I have only tried n6 and n11, and I own a t5. So far I believe the n11 is the best of them, but I’m really enjoying my t5.

I have two, the T6 and N6, I like undersize throws for fast play

Not fond of the U-groove type bearing they come with but you cant beat the price and they are as good as any yoyo i have. Put my new 10 ball ceramics in both…Yes

I know this is late but here’s my input: I have the n5 Desperado and it’s EPIC! Many of the reviews I have read or seen like it for the most part, with the exception of the bearing: apparently the bearing it comes with is bad, (I haven’t had any real problems with it) but you could always replace the bearing. I love throwing the Desperado, and I really enjoy its size. I recommend the n5 for sure!

The bearing is awesome.

I only have the T5, but for the $12 i paid for it, I like it a lot! Except for the stock response, which i did not like.


do you have the n12? Is it good? Because I think it looks sick!

I have a N12 and it is one of the best throws I own. I have some pretty nice throws too.

I agree, I’m using thr n12 as my go to throw lately and It’s worth the buy. I have the t5 as well and it’s good as well but i like the N12 a lot better. More stable, forgiving and more comfortable as well. There’s just some hate going on for magicyoyos though.