What Chinese Yoyo Should I Get?


I just want a Chinese yoyo.

Don’t tell me to save up for something better because I won’t.


Save up for something better…


I 100% agree.
Jk I’d go with magic n12 yoyo for sure. Those things are amazing, and $30! If you really want z stacks, the n9 floating is also really good. I was going to get the magic yoyo, but for some reason, I didn’t.there great yoyos.



I just bought a YYJ Classic for 5a

And a Yoyojam Surge!



Yoyoofficer is a great brand so is magic.
If you like horizontal and fingerspins get the yyo aura, magic get the n12, a bit bigger get the yyo brave, undersize but still plays like a full size get a yyo fit.


Seriously consider YoYoEmpire (many Zeekios are rebranded YYEs). I have tried an Angle (Zeekio Prism) briefly and own a Promise (Zeekio Core). The Promise is literally THE best grinder I have ever owned. In play, it rivals my Octave and Freq.wav IMO. The Angle/Prism was really good too.


The n12 has got nothing but praise! I have never used it though. I have used a Brave though, and it’s one of my favorite throws! I actually prefered it over the Chief that I tried at the same time.


N12. This is what you want.

N9 if you want stacks(that scream)

N11 if you want an undercut design.

Then, save up for something else. There’s plenty of other Chinese yoyos out there.


Anything from C3 is a safe bet.



Because I just spent all my money on a Yoyojam Classic + Surge, my next purchase will be a Magicyoyo.


Bang for the buck:

Magic YoYo T5. If you want smaller: T6. Costs typically less than $12 SHIPPED

I do have most of the Magic YoYo line(not their two latest yet and I think they have some plastics I need to obtain), and of the line, the N12 I find to be one of the most playable models. That and for me, the T5 as I like those V-shapes.


Are you getting the n12? If you like the superwide, you can get the n5 desperado(I think that’s how you spell it)


T5 is better than all dat


I liked the T5, but it was flavorless to me, and the rims hurt. Still good though.


The T5 seriously underwhelmed me. It was just me, worth the price but not much more. I would go with the newer Zeekios/YoYoEmpires.


The N5 looks wide, but it’s not. The pictures and shape are deceiving.


Yeah I’ll get an N5 Desperado.


I have the N12, T5, N5 and T10 from MYY. I recommend them all but if you can only pick one I would say the N12 since it’s more of a standard size and shape.

If you get the N5, make sure you have some sort of silicone response ready. The stock response on the N5 is very slippy.


Get the T5 if not get a c3 Yoyodesign there Chinese! One of them like there Di Base!


Well, now that you say it, I have been looking into getting a C3 Capless.