magic yoyo


i need help if this is a good brand since i saw metal yoyos around 20 with hubstacks and i already ordered the n9 and t8 so are these good throws


They are great throws, but most places have them wayy overpriced.

The best magicyoyos are the old T5, N5, new T5, and N9. The worst are T9 and T8.

With exception of the N9 and N11, you should not pay more than $10 for one MagicYoYo.

(Mitch) #3

I’ve always been tempted to buy yoyos like these. Part of me feels bad for buying ripoffs, but at the same time… Uber cheap throws that would make great beaters…

(WildCat23) #4

They aren’t ripoffs. If you feel like discussing this with me, please resort to pm’s. I do not want to derail this thread.

YEs, Magic YoYo’s are great throws.


what bad about the t8 i mean i has the g5 look except with no stacks


I have a complete set of Magic YoYos(until their latest release). T5 is my favorite. N11 is good too, as is the N10(pretty!). Good stuff at great prices. I have no issue recommending them. I bought a second T9 so I’d have an Asquared set if I ever get into it. I found the N11 plays smoother and better with the weight rings.

I also think YYE should carry them. They are not just great “intro metals”, they are some real beasts.


By “complete” do you mean it also includes the old and new versions of the same model?

The old T5 is very different from the new T5, same for the N5.


No, apparently just newer stuff. Since I can’t find anything about those older versions, I was not aware they existed. Got a link for me? Mostly I want to document specs for a project I am working on.