Magic yo-yos?

Are they any good if so which one should I get? I have not really got into grinds yet so that doesn’t matter for now. :slight_smile:

I only have a T5 right now, but it is really good for how cheap it is. I’m not very experienced, so I cannot really say how it plays, but in for me, it works better than a dv888.

I really, really want a Magic yoyo n9 and t9. They both look solid to me and for the price, wow :o.

I will eventually buy them, but not for a few months. But they are one of my top wants.

Also this other company, Breakbeat yo has cheap yoyo’s that look pretty decent too. I haven’t heard anything about them, but I want to buy the “Killer”. 62 mm diameter!! :o I think that’s pretty cool and want to own. Look at it:

Do NOT get the T9. If you want, get the T10 instead. The T9 has way too little rim weight.

Also, I think the Sandstorm is apparently a replacement for the Killer. Not too sure though, needa check.

The best low-price MagicYoYos are ordered thus: T5, N9, N5 > N8, T10 > T6, T8, N6 > T9

I have 5 of these. n5, t6, n10 and two n8s. love them all. The n8 is what I carry everywhere, and it can take a beating. All of mine came with excellent bearings from the factory. I also haven’t had any of the problems with the response that you may see mentioned in other threads here. I really reccomend these, solid performers and the price makes you not worry about hurting them.

I love mine. I got the T6, T5, and N5. The N5 is a wide it is a novelty for me. The T6 is undersized and is my pocket throw. Very smooth. I just picked up the T5 for a ful sized throw. I really disliked the stock response, so I ripped it out and siliconed it. I spent sub $14 on each one. For that price, I dont care how much damage happens.

Really, the t9 is no good? Ah well, the N9 looks nice.

I do not like your avatar picture. Makes me feel nervous that you might accidentally pull the trigger if there is a little bump on the road.

I had the t9, a little hubstacked yoyo.

Loved it to death.


Beat that

What’s your opinion on the recent higher priced Magic YoYos, the N10, N11 and N12? They all look quite nice but haven’t really heard any feedback on them.


N10 is a novelty, N11 is mediocrity, N12 is a serious contender to the high-priced market.

Magic yoyo is a legit company. My bud just got a Shark and says its really nice!

the n12 you mean? that thing is a serious player, almost overkill some high end metal yoyo.

Where do you buy breakbeats?

Not on YoYoExpert, that’s for sure.

I think Google may be able to answer your question.

Where can you buy magic YoYo’s???

Not on YoYoExpert, that’s for sure.

I think Google may be able to answer your question.

I tried…

That’s funny, because I Googled “BreakBeatYo” just now and found it as the third result on the first page.

And I thought Canadians were supposed to be friendly…

Jk I’m also Canadian hahah