Best Magic Throw?

I want to try magic yoyos, but I don’t know from all of their models which one to get? Any help would be appreciated. I want the best competition throw from them.

In that case, right now of what I have, I like the T5 over the smaller T6. I also have the T9 and T10, but I’d rather not have stacks for competition. The N9 is also stacked.

So, the T5. I do intend to order the T8, N8, N5 and N6 as well soon. The N10 looks promising.

If you took off the Zstack on the N9, its one of the best magic yoyo there is.

Same performance as the T5 with much comfortable shape.

yes i did that two, also the main problem with the magic yos is there bad quality low end bearings, they are pretty bad compared to the potential this yoyo has if replaced with a reg yyf bearing. Not yyj! but yyf, because yyfs bearing is wider. My n9 Plays better than my dv888! with an yyf bearing, the n10 is my next buy, it looks like a modified shape of the n9 and its cool in white

Hmm, I must be getting lucky. The bearings in my Magic yoyos have been fantastic. Worse case, I can just get a real KK bearing if I have to. Their stack bearings kinda suck.

The kk out of my desperado rusted. Like not a duncan tarnish rather the outer race surface rusted. It still runs and is smooth as hell. Spins for quite some time on a flick. Play it in my hitman and it’s still smooth. The bearing isn’ pretty though.