got some Magic YoYo's this week - couple questions and N series

So I grabbed a couple different Magic YoYo’s from China - they were cheap, thought I’d goof with them…

Questions - I’m going to redo the response, I have some monkeysnot… anything else I should think about doing?

What’s the best way to pop the (z disc like) hubs off? They are really loud, and I’m curious what’s in there.

The ones I picked up are parts of the T series… what N series should I look at (and why)? Doesn’t have to be a hub stack

And any advice/info as to the difference between the T series and N series.


You should give all the models off so it can satisfy my curiousity. Also YYJ silicone might work. MIGHT.

N8 and N9.

N5 is the best Magic yoyo. Period.

I’ve got 5 so far, gonna get a complete “set” and maybe double up on a few.

They will take flowable.

The stack bearings suck. Use the string trick to pop the Z_type stacks and get Terrapin X hubstack bearing kits and all will be better. Once I figure out which ones I’m gonna double up on, then I’m going to order those kids.

T5 so far is my favorite. N9 is nice too Those are my faves.
I also have the T6, T9 and T10.

I’m going to order N8, N5, N6 and T8 after BAC and wait for them to ship!