Magic Yoyo N9 Floating Cloud


Anyone have a Magic Yoyo N9 Floating Cloud? How is it? I’m thinking of getting one, it looks good for the price, but don’t want to spend on a bad yoyo.


I have the T6 and really like it. I have also heard good things regarding all the Magic yo-yos. For the price, they really are a steal.


I hear it’s really good, it has z stacks which are fun, but loud…


It good though I would remove the z stack and replace it with regular hub stacks


It’s a really good yoyo. You could try smaller “free spinning side members” to see if that helps with the noise. But if not, lots of people still enjoy that yoyo with no stacks at all.


The n9 Floating just felt too… I don’t know. It was vibey, loud (of course, you can take off the stacks) and it just felt really cheap to me. Now don’t get me wrong, I love myy, and I just got a nother n5, I liked the first one so much. Anyway, I wouldn’t personally reccommend it, but I haven’t heard from anyone else who didn’t like their n9, so it may just be me. :slight_smile:


It’s worth adding I suppose that between the T5 and N9, I prefer the T5. A really good yoyo for not much money.


Hmmmm, good yoyos and good price. I had been planning to get a yoyo glove but, maybe I’ll just just deal with the string burn and get two yoyos instead. :smiley:


I really like the N8 myself. I have 4 MYYs. Including a T5 and N9, and prefer the N8. I don’t think you go too far wrong with any of them at the price. They play like they cost more than they do for the most part.


I think I am going to go with the N9 Floating Cloud and the T5 “Overlord” (cheaper than the normal T5, so I can actually afford both). I like look/shape of them.
There’s just something about the N8 that I just don’t like as much. The shape maybe?


Could be. Look at the N8, not the N8s. it is a smaller throw, and 68g. It feels great and stable, with long spin times. I like it so much I ordered 2 more to give as gifts.