magic n9 vs. yyf one star

i was looking for a cheap high performance throw and narrowed it down to these two.

I have the MYY, which is what I assume you’re talking about. Don’t have the one star, but I can assure you that the n9 is nothing special. I bought it, thinking it would be sick, but it’s heavy, loud and feels cheap in your hand. I personally don’t like it anymore (I only like it for a few days anyway), so even though I don’t have one, I’d go with the one star, simply because I wouldn’t recommend the n9. Just my opinion, though.

I’d recommend the MYY t5 instead, just as cheap, probably better than the n9

I would say it’s better, because the z-stacks on the N9 cause it to lose some performance and add some weight to it. The N9 has a really great shape though, I love the way it sits in my hand. But I’ve also grown to fall in love with my T5, even though it cut my face last night haha. They are both tremendous, and play as well as $100+ throws. The T5 especially.

The T5 is cheaper than the N9, and probably out performs the N9… unless you plan to do hubstack tricks all day (which I doubt you will).

Get a T5.

Yeah, I agree with skyhigh in a way. I guess I wouldn’t go with either. I would recommend the n5, a different MYY. It’s wide and plays exceptionally well. It’s amazing. I’ve never played with a better yoyo.
However, don’t disregard skyhigh’s suggestion. I’ve heard excellent things about the t5, and based on those, I’d recommend the t5. From all I’ve heard, it seems to be everybody’s favorite MYY throw so far. (except for the n12 shark. I’ve heard amazing things and it seems like a great throw. It’s only shipping from china right now, so it’d take weeks to reach you, probably). I’d say go for an n5 or a t5. Both are [apparently *t5, I’ve never tried it] great.