Which throw?

I am deciding between the Magicyoyo N9, T5, or the C3 Speedaholic. What are your guy’s opinions? How does each one play?

Right now I have the n9 I took off the hub stacks and it is very stable olive mine but there are many great reviews on the speedaholic and c3 always has amazing throws you can’t go wrong

I prefer the T5. I like V-type shapes. Reminds me of a Firmy, and I like the Firmy. Very fast.

If you’'re gonna buy a N9, just jump to an N12. Trust me on this one. N9 is good, but the N12 is more competition oriented with modern play in mind. Think of the N12 sort as a Majesty meets an avalanche in performance(well, almost, it’s not QUITE there) but with a fraction of the price tag.

Speedaholic is nice and surprisingly heavy for an all plastic yoyo, yet still plays nimble. If you don’t care about responsive play(as many people do when looking at budget-friendly yoyos), the Speedaholic is probably one of the best recent offerings in that category.