Is the Magic YoYo

N9 any good

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Yes. I took the stacks off right away since it makes it have a lot if vibe.

Magic yo is a good company and super budget!

Thanks! But what one would you recommend

What is the best YoYo by the brand Magic YoYo? I’d prefer one with Z stacks on it.

I’m not sure if you really need two threads for this but I have heard good thing about the t8.

Thanks! Any more preferences?

Look through the “review and recommendations” section.  Lots of magic yo talk there.

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I’m down to a T10 or a N9

N12 or T5 are the best IMO

The N9 is AMAZING.

When you throw it, it is ‘loud’ for a couple of seconds… but it goes pretty silent as soon as you start doing tricks. It’s because the stacks have to start spinning, and when they get in sync with the yoyo itself… it goes pretty silent and smooth. It feels ‘kind of’ heavy, but I love that.

I was actually very very surprised and impressed with the N9. Definitely get it, I will always leave the stacks on mine! I was actually just playing with my N9 before I stumbled into this thread, coincidental eh?

Also, the shape is great, it’s cheap, and has a nice concaved bearing. I also highly, highly recommend the T5.

The n9 is actually a pretty good throw. It’s got little to no vibe at the beginning, and then it smooths out. Great for string tricks, I also recommend the n5 if you’re into MYY.

I have two:
The Desperado is suchhh a good throw, with an excellent shape that’s great for all string tricks and such, but it doesn’t have 'stacks of any kind. It’s an hourglass shape and fits perfectly in your hand.

The n9 Floating has hubstacks and is pretty good for string tricks and, of course, grinds. It’s pretty heavy and noisy at the start of the throw, but it quiets down with little to no vibe.

The new MYY looks pretty tight, though. Check out the n12 Shark. I don’t have one yet, but I want one!

I’m going to get the N9

I’m going to get the N9! Thanks guys!!! ;D

do it. It’s a great throw for very little $$$

No problem. Have fun with it! :slight_smile: