protostar or magic yoyo N9

I’m going to get a new beater and I’m debating whether to get a N9 or a protostar, what’s your opinion?

N9 is nice cause it’s metal, but protostars are always great…I miss my protostars…

Well I’ve never heard of the n9 before so I cant say anything about it. However for the price it looks like an awesome deal. The Protostar is a awesome yoyo. I have 2 and wouldn’t mind having a few more. If you are looking for something to beat on the Protostar is a good bet. I’ve had my protostars for a while and have slammed them on concrete, walls, and my face. They are still in great shape. Only 1 of my Protostars has a tiny nick in it, but that’s it. The N9 is made out of metal so its probably gonna receive more damage on the anodization when you drop it. However for the price it looks amazing, and you can put hubstacks on it.

Tough choice indeed but if you want something really durable and is a very awesome performance yoyo the Protostar will not disappoint. However If you want something metal, with hubstacks, and is only like 30$ the n9 looks great.
Consider this:
Metal vs Plastic?
Fullsize (Protostar) vs Midsize (n9)?
The n9 weighs 70g and is smaller than the Protostar. This probably means its gonna have more of a heavier feel than the Protostar, which only weights 67g.

A new beater, eh? Why not a T5,T9, T10, or some of the other N’s?

Seriously, the Magic YoYo, man, that’s some good stuff, ain’t it? Really impressive product!

The N9, well, I find it a bit vibey on the initial throw, as the stacks and the body kind of catch up to each other and then it smooths out. Since my throw isn’t flawless, the yoyo can be a bit unplayable for those few seconds. The stacks, man, talk about screamers! I gotta yank mine and clean them and Terrapin X treat them to see if they will quiet down. Other than that, really great player, one I really like a lot. You can remove the stacks, but I find it plays too light when you do so.

The Protostar is also one I really like. Typical plastic vibe, nothing to worry about and it’s oven very slight so you’ll most likely not even notice it most of the time. They are pretty smooth playing yoyos. This is a very high performing plastic, don’t let the price tag fool you. This is a serious yoyo.

You can’t go wrong either way. But, a few warnings:
The N9, as with all Magic yoyos, uses a Chinese KK in the yoyo. Some people have had to replace these. Mine are fine, I’ve been lucky. Just be aware of that possibility.
The Protostar does not have stacks.

Either way, the choice is yours. I think the Protostar might have some advantages on it over the N9. If you want stacks, go N9.

what is your favorite magic yoyo

I have the T5,T6,T8,T9(x2),T10, N5,N6,N8,N9

Of those, the T5 is my hands down favorite. V-shapes work good for me, and the size and weight works good for me as well.

I have 2 of the T9’s so in case I ever get into A Squared, I’m set.

2nd favorite, the N9.

I want a n9 because of the stacks.

Then get it. Just be aware of my warnings with it. It’s still loads of fun. If you go through certain places(such as a well known online auction site that has 4 letters), you can get it in as little as 6 days, but expect more like 10-14 days, which ain’t bad considering how far it’s traveling.

If I get time this week, I may yank the stacks and clean the bearings out in that one. They don’t use the “standard” A-sized bearings.

I’ve got a N5 and love it. It’s a quality product. I plan on getting more magic yoyos. The T5 and T6 are on my list of wants.