What's the difference between all these yoyos?

Okay I know a little something about yoyos. I can bind and do most of the intermediate and advanced tricks from part 1 on this site. I am currently playing with a magic T8 shadow that I got on ebay really cheap. I’m looking to upgrade because I got some christmas money. I was set to get a dark magic 2, but I’m looking and I find a lot of yoyos for similar prices that look a lot alike, like the cerberus. I see all these yoyos and obviously they all have the capability of performing these tricks. So what is the real difference between them? Why should I choose the cerberus or fever or hitman pro over the dark magic 2? Personally I like the dark magic, but am I missing something about these yoyos?

I believe the t8 is better than the dm2.

My opinion would be get a n12

Any particular reason you’re stuck on YYJ?

From my experience it would be better to get an all metal yoyo, I had a DM2 and at the time I loved it, but a yoyofactory DV888 is very comparable in price and performance

I like YYJ and their yoyo designs, but no reason I just haven’t had a ton of time to search the different brands. I have $50 for a yoyo. I realize all these yoyos that are advertised can perform the tricks. I really don’t understand why there are so many yoyo designs and what makes one better than the other is what I’m asking, but if you have suggestions on what yoyo I should get I would be welcome them

The different shapes and weight distributions really make the difference. A style of play just naturally arises and it feels great. You know that it’s just a variation but there’s this awesome feeling from just playing with it!
Also the shape of the yoyo can be more within your preference. All yoyo’s will play good, and you’ll feel good for buying something you absolutely love in regards to their colour, design and shape. It may seem like different ‘hunks’ of metal but that slight variation honestly makes the difference.

I had that mindset as well but a few yoyos bought later, I have absolutely changed my mind!