what is the best metal yoyo

i like my dark magic 2 but was wondering about an all metal yoyo, i don’t want to spent to much but i’m looking for high quality.

YYF DV888 or some of the Duncan metals.
You’re welcome.

Buy a metal yoyo. If you like it, it’s the best.

After that, it’s all preferences. What are you looking for? What do you want to spend? Do you have preferences for shapes and/or sizes and/or weights? Are colors important?(I don’t want a yoyo that I can’t stand the colors of, which has prevented me from buying some brands and/or models).

Do you need to spend $100 or more to get a quality metal? No. Will you like what you get? That’s really the question. Don’t let the price turn you off regarding the lower priced items. It’s good stuff and high quality.

Its really going to come down to what you like to play and whether you are looking for a throw similar to that of the dm2 or if you want to try a new feel. Consider the specifications of the dm2 and if you want something similar maybe consider something like a yyf genesis, any of the god tricks, clyw or anything with similar dimensions. If you look at the god tricks bounty hunter the dimensions are slightly larger than the dm2 and only 2 ounces lighter and is pretty reasonable in regard to price. I don’t know what you are looking to spend but if you are trying to stay around the same price as a dm2 then check out the god tricks throws. If you go to a more undersized throw you could maybe look at a one drop cafe racer or some of the similar throws.

all in all you have to figure out what you are looking for. if you are a beginner you may want to stick with something close to the size and weight of your dm2 for comfort and ease of transition.

i have plenty of throws and when it comes down to it my preference is an undersized throw around 50mm x 40 x 67 grams with some wiggle room for a slight difference. it is really going to come down to your personal preference.

There is NOOOO best yoyo!! only what you like best!

All of my metals were the best ever at one time or another and remained so until the next one came along. :wink:

there might not be a BEST all metal yoyo cause that one is up to you, although the DV888 and 888x come preeeetttyy close :slight_smile:

There is no such thin as the best yoyo.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any metal from most companies - yoyojam, yoyofactory, one drop, clyw, Duncan, etc. Regardless if which one you purchase, you’ll be getting a very high quality product.

It is a total matter of preference.

No, no, no. The next one really is the best one. It will be, I tell ya! It will be!

If you want something cheaper, get a DV888 or a Duncan.