Good magic yoyos

Hi everyone do you know any good magic yoyos


If you mean MagicYoyo

Y01, Y03, K8 Z01, Z02, Z03 are all excellent. And others are just plain good nothing special.


I liked the N12 Sharkey thing. If you can find a M002 April, dude it is a bit heavy but really capable for me and I love picking it up every now and again plus a finger spin hub all for less money than a Five Guys burger.
Honour mention to the T9. Take off those silly stickers and you’ve gotta decent undersize throw.

But if I could do all my yo-yo time again with what I know now, I would not spend money on 10-12 ok quality magic and other brands. Saved and put my money into a higher quantity brand.

I found the hertz stable and capable but had no character or life to it.

But yoyos are all subjective and it’s your money to have fun with.

Agreed N12 is also good

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V6 for the win! simple, responsive, and can take a beating.

I keep mine in my car as a yo to smack around or let the homies play with.

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The Crystal is damn good.

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Katana, Wolfgang, magical, stealth, bi


Skyva, Variant, K2, H01, Z01,2&3,

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Carpfin and the Ninja themrf Katana are probably the best from my experience. However, the Carpfin is hard to find. A similar yoyo is the YYF Halo.

n11 professional yo-yo works for me the best


m002 april!

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I have the v3 and it’s a really nice undersized throw. What string would you recommend for the crystal? It feels like kitty xl is a little big for it.

Stealth (M04)

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N12 Sharks Honor


The skyva is pretty awesome!

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Vapormotion is also good but it’s c3 as well as MYY

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Avocado! One of the best undersized yoyos ever!


I agree

N12 is a super popular magicyoyo well liked by the players. I have personally used yo1 node and it’s a great yoyo, especially for the price. Wonderful for 3a, if u don’t wanna spend big bucks.