What are your favorite Magic Yoyos?

I have been yoyoing for a while now and was just wondering what are some of the best Magic yoyos out there. I don’t know how they really compare to other brands as well. Thanks for the consideration. Signed DESPERATE!


They’re bottom tier but good bang for the buck! The n12 shark is considered the best one. The aurora is cool if you want a light up yoyo too :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok. Thx!

Dare to do??? Is the name of one that’s a solid undersized look it up on Amazon. That throw is great to for $13… I’d reccomend one drop or G2 if you ever want to invest more money in YoYos.

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Ok I’ll check it out. Thx!

The Hertz I really love. Node and Hotdiggidy are both really awesome as well. I’ve purchased about 20 Magicyoyos and there are none that I truly dislike and some, like the ones I mentioned, that I like a lot more than quite a few yoyos put out by the “big name” companies. Also: Stealth and Bi are really, really good bimetals.


Good to know! Everything helps honestly. Ill look into those also. Thanks!

I’ll second the Bi, it’s a legitimately fun and capable bi-metal.

I think they made the Variant, too, didn’t they? The plastic Brandon Vu sig? That one’s fun.


I buy way too many yoyos and I have four or five from Magic. The Hertz is the one I use the most, but I wish I’d just held off and bought the Shutter instead of all those since I ended up getting one anyway (and it is noticeably better imho). And I love Brandon Vu and Jeffrey Pang’s work, but am not a fan of the Variant. It looks cool, but the two I have both vibe worse than any other plastic I have and the sharp edges aren’t that comfy.


You gotta start somewhere and I tried a good few magics and other budget brands.

I liked the MagicYoyo v4 Ametoys one, clicked with that. It’s in my work bag.
Node is a safe buy, good fun.
Love the T9 rock, change to silicone instead of pads and removed those silly stickers- awesome takes it to a new level if you get into light modification. Beautiful undersized yo.
N12 is good.

Honourable mention for a non-magic budget yo-yo- Beboo L1- don’t know how they did it.
It’s like getting the opposite of a vibrating lemon. The planets might have just aligned for my two halves. It’s super smooth, long spinning and fricking dangerous to catch - super fun budget.

They are a good way to find what shape and size/weight you like.
Good luck dude!


I have about 6 magic yoyos and I think my favorite is either the hotdiggity or the zo1 focus. I also really like the hertz which is really cheap for how good it is and mine is 10/10 smooth.


Silencer, Y-03 Hertz, V3


If you’re looking for an organic, the purple line and the avocado are pretty great.


Node and Stealth each have a place in my heart. They were gateways to more fun,my first metal and bimetal throws.

Great bang for the buck.


I enjoyed the N12 sharks honor as well, until I stripped it by putting the short axle in at a weird angle and being too hasty.
A rookie mistake to be sure, but watch out for the short axle.


I bought an April M002, I think it’s M002. I got this very early on and still love it. I also have an Aurora, plays pretty well for a light up throw. I don’t intend to try any other light ups for any comparisons.

If you haven’t picked up the Gentry Stein Specs edition Shutter yet, I highly recommend that. For 35 bucks it’s my favorite throw right now.


Is that the regular Shutter that they’ve been selling for a bit or something new? I didn’t see anything about “Gentry specs” in the description here.


It’s not called “Gentry specs”, it’s called original specs shutter which has the same width and diameter but weighs in at 66g. “Gentry specs” would be more fitting for the world champion version of the shutter wide angle.


Man, that’s sad. Well I own about 50 plastic unresponsive yoyos currently but I have only 2 metal yoyos the Duncan windrunner and the yoyofactory 5a super star b grade I got last year. So honestly I appreciate all ya’lls support. I have definitely got some ideas on what I should try. Thanks Much appreciated!


I have mixed feelings about magic yoyo as a whole. I think they have some fine offerings I just for some reason seem to get lemons when I buy them. Hence why I have reserved getting them second hand only so I can cut out some of the gamble. That is not at all to blast them as a company, lemons happen.

If you are looking for budget it is hard to look past a node or sharks honor. I picked up a bismuth not long ago on the bst and for the price color me impressed. At the time of its release I would say the carpfin played was above its price point but now I feel it kind of falls in line with the new norm of 50 dollar throws.