What are your favorite Magic Yoyos?

You don’t need the node. It’s very similar to the windrunner. (IMHO)
It’s still good though.


Z01 Focus is a really good bi-metal and it’s cheap


Yeah, they are the ones listed as Classic Promo in the drop down


Do you have a regular Shutter as well? Wondering how different the 1.78g feels.

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Stealth is my fav. But I feel like all magic yos should use longer axels to prevent vibes…


Im not the guy you are asking, but I own one so ill weigh in on my experience. I don’t own another regular Shutter, but I have a Wide Angle, a Championship Wide Angle (Id consider this to be Gentry specs), and a Butter. The wide angle suffers a bit of power and stability compared to the OG, but makes up for it in maneuverability and catch. The championship version is slightly less maneuverable, but more powerful and stable. The Butter is a mix of the OG specs and the championship version, and feels like a more performance version of the OG specs. I can see why someone as good as Gentry would want the champion specs WA, but the OG specs shutter and Butter are imo the best version of this yoyo.

As for magic yoyos, I only have a Hotdiggity, and it is one of my favorite 5A yoyos.


Another vote for the Hotdiggity!


Magic Yoyo Rex no doubt


Thank you, I only have this original specs Shutter, have been on the fence on a wide angle. Think I will let that one go until I either find a Butter or YYF does another run of Butters


The OP is probably long over this thread, but… I spent some time throwing the YO3 Hertz last night and comparing it to the regular YYF Shutter and one other similar shaped yo-yo. For my skill level, it’s just as good.


That is not a very factual statement. Vibe in yoyos cannot be rectified by using longer axles.

There are plenty of yo-yos with loooong-er axles that will rattle your teeth loose.

Yo-yo design, manufacturers’ skills and machine expertise and final Quality control checks, result in lower numbers of less vibey yoyos.

Axle length is not a major contributor in itself to vibe in yoyos.


For sure! Manufacture and quality checks is definitely an essential step in every yoyo making process.

The axle length ≈ vibe thing is something I’m not sure of. Its definitely secondary as it only happens after bearing change for me. Sometimes when I screw back a short axle yoyo, it requires tuning, and this rarely happens on longer axle ones. Maybe it’s just the way I do it is wrong…


while the axle itself might not contribute to vibe in and of itself, yoyos with shorter axles are more prone to stripping threads or even worse, possibly bending the yoyo out of alignment in the event of hitting the ground, both of which can introduce vibe.


Ok, let’s see if somebody wants to flag a fact containing post🤔

The major potential problem with shorter axles in yoyos, is more about either improper machining and/or the alloy or type of material the axle is screwing in to.

Softer metals like 6061 aluminum seem to be better served with longer axles. Common logic dictates the threads engaged in tightening up the yo-yo spreads the compressive force to a lagers area. This helps reduce potential stripping.

The softer metals used in making some yo-yos are in more danger of being stripped as the yo-yo halves are tightened, because the short axle may only screw into each half about 3 or so threads.
This shallow maximum depth offers a more limited area to distribute the force of tightening being applied and consequently can cause a higher level of sadness to those folks that feel no yo-yo can be over tightened😳.

7068 taps very well and if tapped within an acceptable tolerance to mate with an appropriate short axle, strip outs are almost non-existent. The same can be said of stainless alloys. < short axles/no problem.

Titanium is a near perfect material for short axle yoyos. If you do a good tap on Titanium halves and mate the halves to a proper short axle. If you can strip that combination, you either need to be in a Zoo or call Superman and tell him you like to arm wrestle.

Saying a short axle yo-yo is more susceptible to ground impacts is only true in the realm of possibilities. In the realm of probability, if a yo-yo is constructed of durable components and machined properly, the degree of vibe or distortion from ground related impacts should not be much different at all.

Realize that no matter the axle length used in a yo-yo, that once the halves are properly screwed together, the yo-yo is one continuous object. It it solid. As the halves are screwed together, they square up with the bearing sides and all parts are pulled into alignment.

Also, a longer smaller diameter axle has more potential for distortion than a shorter thicker axle.

Poor designs/sloppy, poor tolerance machining and yo-yo materials cause more problems than short axles or any length axle for than matter.

‘Personally’ I don’t think short axles are a good idea for use in yoyos made of softer materials.
You’re just asking for trouble.

I’ve been at this for 24 years now. I have stripped one yo-yo in 24 years.


Yoyodoc should definitely write a textbooks on yoyos. Great explanation :grin:


I have a question…. And I am not trying to be funny. Or be a wise guy. Or even clown around in general. This is a real honest question that seems to be stuck in my head until I get something that at least sounds logical>>>

What does ‘Sharks Honor’ mean?

I’m thinking it must have something to do with the name being translated from another language🤔?

I remember years ago, I was on this Japanese Yo-yo Store site. And it had no English option. So I used babbelfish or whatever…

Translate this page….

And the way it came out in English was waaaay screwy, lol.

Maybe one of you guys can tell me how the words ‘shark’ and ‘honor’ fit together?




So I’m pretty sure, sharks honor was translated from the Chinese. There wasn’t really an English word for it and it got misstranslated. I think if someone who can read and speak both Chinese and English might be able to confirm

It could be the Chinese version of something like- eye of the tiger

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That’s a really weird translation… if you meant the N12 Shark Honor, on the Chinese site the name is “大鲨鱼”, which basically translate to “Big Shark”…


I have about 20 magic yoyos and I think their best regular size is the Hertz out of their budget yo-yos. Honorable mention to the P1 lotor.
And the smaller T9 that is convertible between responsive and unresponsive is great and one of my smoothest yo-yos. For their upper end I like the stealth and my favorite is the 7075 Vulfgang.