Magic yoyo Stealth

I was wondering if anybody had used it. It looks good for a $50 bimetal but is actually any good

Havent tried it but Ive heard nothing but good things. Cant really go wrong for a 50 buck bimetal

I got one like 2 months ago and it’s a pretty good yoyo, no real complaints about it. I like the round shape of it and when thrown it has good weight to it, not too heavy or light plus the surface is really smooth and finger grinds feel heavenly, it’s also really good for fingerspins if you’re good at them. the only problem I heard about it is that since the steel ring are pressed into the yoyo so if you hit it on hard surfaces or ding it l, it might create some vibe due to the steel rings not firmly pressed. I only heard about this but I have no problems with it so far. I haven’t tried many bi metals only a few in competition but this one for $50 is a really good deal for the quality you’re getting, it plays as good as or even better than $100+ bi metals.

Don’t own one, but I played a few at Nats. Really enjoyed it; smooth, light, and great fingerspins. I don’t know how the quality is though.

I’ve owned one for a few days now and am still wondering if this is really a MagicYoyo. It feels a bit “too premium” and on the first throw it honestly blew my mind. Haven’t really had any issues with the bearing either, haven’t even had to clean it.

It’s one of those yoyos that feels very flowy when doing tricks and is comfy in the hands too. Fingerspins are fun (for what I can do anyway). It is said to be made of 7075 aluminum.

I have one as well and love it! I took out he pads cause I wasn’t a fan. Other than that it’s really impressive!

Just got mine today hard to believe it’s only 50 bucks plays great smooth long spin one of my favorite bimetals I’ve tried prob 2nd behind my space cadet don’t know about the durability yet though