Which Magic Yoyo Should I Buy?


I had a little experience years ago and wanna start to play yoyo, shipping costs are so much expensive to my country so I must buy at aliexpress, that means i should buy a magic yoyo but I couldn’t decide which one I should buy. Can you give me suggestions please?


Hi, I think a good magic yoyo for just starting out and not being to expensive would be the sharks honor
(the magic yoyo n12) it is a good beginner yoyo for $15 dollars and it plays great.:slight_smile:


I love my N12 Sharks Honor. I have plenty of high end throws to compare it to, and the N12 will do it all.

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I ordered the y01 node, I hope I won’t regret it (:

(Spinworthy Glen) #5

I heartily agree with this. The N12 does not disappoint. It is an excellent yoyo.

(Scott Reese) #6

The N12 was my first all metal unresponsive, and I love it. A big thanks goes out to Throws N’ Brews for his recommendation of it.

(Zakai) #7

The Metal Skyva and the N12 play very nicely.


N12 is great, can’t go wrong with it.

Their latest, which has just come out, is the Hot Diggidy, which is the signature yoyo of Dylan Kowalski (his YT channel and vids are really good and informative).

It is $29.99. Mine is on the way, so I can’t comment, but I’m looking forward to it. Might keep that in mind.

Most of Magicyoyo’s inexpensive line of throws are really, really good. Love the T5 Overlord and N8 Dare to Do.


N12 no doubt about it.


I own 2 of the Locus. I put in an unresponsive bearing and it is my 2nd favorite metal. It is super smooth on the throw, feels awesome and is my main carry-around yo.


I’m very close to buying one. Smoother all-around (the insides / gap) but it’s so close to my Locus except for a few grams that I just can’t push the button.

({John15}) #12