MagicYoYo N12 Shark

They are made in Shenzen, which is huge city with one of biggest manufacturing zones in China. So chance that they use same factory is almost zero. And it means really nothing that they are made in same city as YYF.

Dear OP,

What did you use to re-lube the bearing and could you please tell me how best to do this? I bought 2 of these for xmas and was amazed, but had exactly the same noise issue after a while (sounds like a jet plane taking off!).

I used my usual Bearing Lube if you search google for the pin method to lubing yoyos you’ll find videos about it.

Just put a small drop of lube onto the end of a pin, run the pin around the ball bearings within it and play, depending on how much you put in it may make the bearing responsive, but it will play through and become unresponsive again after 30-60mins play. The bearing doesn’t come with any shields so you don’t have to worry about that.

If you bearing gets stuck onto the yoyo (mine did at first) google the String Trick and use it to get the bearing out.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your helpful post. I will google the videos and order some bearing lube.

Do i need to remove the bearing to apply the lube or can i just leave it stuck in one half of the yoyo put a drop in on the unshielded bearing on the other side? (I bought the v4m lube btw)

If you use the pin method sure.

I wouldn’t just drip the lube into the bearing as it will go everywhere, it doesn’t feel nice to have a gunky string. You can do it though, just feel the string yourself and you’ll understand

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Sorry, didn’t mean to get your review off Topic! I’m going to order a N12 soon :slight_smile: Great Review!

Apologies from me too for hijacking the thread. I will stop (thank you for the helpful replies though!.

The N12 is my new fave now!

I just got the N12 today. I’ll write my thoughts here since there’s no reason having numerous threads on the same yoyo.
The anodizing job seems… weird. Also, the packaging is the cheapest i have set my eyes on yet. I don’t care about that, but some others might. The metal itself is branded as “alloy”, so it might be cheaper and softer than aluminum (though that shouldn’t be an issue unless you hit it pretty bad). I guess cuts like this are exactly what keeps the price so low compared to the others.

Vibe is unnoticeable at most. Also, being in Europe, my N12 came with a concave 10 ball bearing (dif e yo’s patents don’t apply here). OMG. It’s better than my trifecta(cleaned and lubed nicely), it’s so quiet and smooth that i’m buying extras with my next order. The shape is great, the colour looks really nice, and the weight is just there. The response is doing its job just right, but i bought some large kpads just in case (they seem a perfect fit).

I’m loving this and for the 28-30$ (with the upgraded bearing) it’s by far the best deal you could find for a full sized unresponsive full metal.

It is 6061 aluminium like most yoyos have ,the finish is bead blasted and they use 10 ball bearings as standard bearings.

It doesn’t really feel like 6061 , to me at least (and i’m not talking about the finish), but if it is, even better. I’m definitely going to check out a t5 and maybe some other magic yo’s as well. Also, I’m pretty sure that in the States they come with a flat bearing rather than a “centertrack” or concave one (magic yoyos produce such things)

only the n12 have 6061 aluminium. I think in a america they have only flat bearings because of the difeyo patent. I have a t5 and it plays amazing but you need to change the response pad. Its great for horizontal play. I have also tried the magic yoyo n11 from a friend and i really like it. Its plays really fast and similar to the x3 lagoutte. With the weight rings on it feels heavy like a genesis.

I ordered mine from outside the US and it came with a concave style 10 ball. Plays fantastic! Loving it.

Wow, that gap of the n12 looks JUST like a KLR’s! :o

They’re similar but the n12’s catch zone doesn’t look JUST like a KLR.



The KLR looks more like a cross between a Crucial Al E Mode and Cupcake more so than the N12

I just changed the response of my N12, upgraded it to YYF Kpads. It really feels a difference, but be warned : removing the stock response is really hard, the glue is horrible and it’s gonna rip some sort of textile under it. took me a lot of patience and acetone to remove the glue and i think i still have some left. it was really worth it, though. I also have a t5 in the mail right now

I don’t know why I did, but try using blue tack to get the response out.

I took mine out, saw that the pads left some sort of glue and just started dabbing with blue tack and it came right out.

so how does everyone else like their n12 compared to their other main throws?

Blu Tack - Wikipedia this? Not available in .ro, sadly. Nor anything similar. I’ll have to stick to acetone and elbow grease