MagicYoYo N11

Hello everybody! I’m back with another review of another Magic YOYO. This time with the N11, I bought this to expand my collection of MYY yoyo’s, the N11 just looked like a nice place to start. The brother to the N12 Shark which I have already reviewed. Not much else really to explain about why I bought it so let’s get on with the review!

As with my last review, Here’s another album of pictures

Material: 6061 aluminium
Weight: 64.7g
Diameter: 54mm
Width: 42mm
Gap width: 4.62mm (approx)
Response: MYY Silicone Pads.
Bearing: Size C stainless steel 10-ball concave bearing.
Finish: Colour anodised and laser engraved

The First Throw
Felt a bit alien, to be honest, I’m used to throwing fairly wide V and H shaped yoyos, the N11 is a butterfly shape with an undercut in the body of the yoyo leading into the catch zone (I think that’s how to describe it). Once I got used to the feel however, the yoyo was very impressive, silent as a mouse as I would expect with the 10ball bearing, long sleep times and a very nice look whilst the yoyo is in motion. The finish is nice and smooth, mine came with scratches on the chrome parts of the finish but I have put that down to manufacturing and the ‘lackluster’ handling of aluminium whilst in the warehouse.

So, What’s it feel like?
It feels great, as I said above, I didn’t like it too much at first but once you get used to how it feels coming back to your hand, it’s a great player. It has a pretty good IRG area, on which I actually learned how to do horizontal finger grinds (Hooray!), I found it easiest on the N11 out of my other throws because of the big cup area leading into a ‘nipple’ in the middle of the cup. It doesn’t grind too well because of the metallic finish but it does grind a small amount on skin.

How’s it play then?
It plays really well, I wouldn’t say I would choose one over my N12 Shark (keeping it in MYY examples) but I would recommend it to someone who wants these kind of specs. The catch zone isn’t very forgiving since it’s a butterfly shape, a pretty bad hit and the yoyo tilts a lot. It’s really nice for horizontal the weight distribution lends itself to it, and as said above the IRG is nice for thumb and finger grinds. I did find it to be really good for 5A, more so over 1A, It’s probably just my CW but I found the weights matched up really nicely and that I’ve been able to pull off some more tricks than I could while using my CODE 2 as a 5A yoyo.

So, what’s the verdict?
I’d give it a 9/10, it hits all the right notes for me, apart from being a shape that will still take some getting used to I really enjoy playing with it. I’ve made it my go to 5A throw right now and will probably buy another one and give 3A a try with it, the weight just seems right for it. At a price around the same as the N12 Shark, I would have to recommend that over the N11 but if you’re looking for a good 5A throw (I prefer it to the Shark for 5A) certainly give this yoyo a go.

Closing Notes
Thank you for reading this review, Hope you have found it informative, as always give me feedback and expect to see more reviews from me here!
I will probably review a couple more MYY for the people who want to know about them.

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A two things:

  1. Great review man!
  2. A hundred replies here we come!
  3. Are magic yoyos still considered bootleg?

Thank you!

We might be able to keep different throws in different reviews if people make more of them. And no, I wouldn’t call magicyoyo bootleg anymore, it may be just my personal opinion but most of their newer yoyos are original designs (at least I can’t find any others that look exactly like these yoyos).