Myy help


Is the n11 any good ?


If you like it, yes.

If you don’t, then no.

The N11 is the only yoyo I’ve found that can utilize weight rings and doesn’t get all vibey. I prefer this yoyo with the weight rings in. Without them, it just didn’t feel quite right, and I played it first with the rings out. My C3YoYoDesign DiBase I first played with the weight rings in, and the rings gave mine vibe, so I am kind of biased against weight rings. Removing the weight rings of my Dibase actually made it play exactly how I want it and need it.

The undercut design seems more stylistic than functional, but it’s still neat. It’s comfortable in the hand and very stable. Mine has a smooth finish so it sucks at grinds, but the black with gold splash looks fantastic and presents a nice contrast. I actually chose this over a solid blue, which was my first choice. I just needed to break things up a bit.

While it’s not one I play all the time, I do like it.

Two warnings about nearly all Magic YoYos:
The response systems have had many complaints. The solution: flowable silicone. I’ve been lucky and not had this issue.
The other issue is the bearings, which may need cleaning and/or replacing. I’ve also been lucky. I haven’t had to clean a single bearing yet. However, for me, if I have to clean a bearing, that’s not a big deal. Replacing a bearing, well, I don’t like to have to do that but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

This company makes good stuff at low prices.


Cool I think ill pick one up as well as the n12


For the price it wouldn’t hurt to just go ahead and grab it.