Magicyoyo N11 Aluminum Alloy YO-YO

Magicyoyo N11 Aluminum Alloy YO-YO : IS IT A GOOD YOYO ???

The magicyoyo line is really just ok

I had high hope for the K series but according to another member they’re terrible

That said the N12 and purple line are amazing and very fairly priced

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They’re okay but the n12 and t5 are great
T5 needs a different bearing though

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I went through a bit of a phase where I bought a few magic yoyos. At fist I couldn’t believe that I’d spent more than $25 for a yoyo after playing one. But after after while, they show their true colors. They aren’t made as well as more expensive yoyos and scratch very easily. They easily scratch to the point where a good bit of aluminium can get carved out of the yoyo!

They are usually too heavy as well. Many are undersized and almost 70g. Often heavy weight like this is used to compensate for poor design I think. What I mean is, to get longer spin they just up the weight instead of carefully distributing it. Check out the most expensive and well engineered brands; Most of there 1a yoyos are in the 65-66g range and their performance is tops.

They actually don’t feel as heavy as they say they are, maybe it’s because of the small size.
The n12 however feels really solid out of the box. It doesn’t really need much except for a decent string.
I do feel the cheapness of the make though. The paint or whatever its called fades.