looking to get my first new toy in a while/please come talk to me

not sure if this is the place, but I’m looking to get a new yoyo (or like 9, idk, just quitting another rather destructive + expensive hobby so i have a relatively enormous amount of disposable income) and was wondering if anyone could toss some options at me because I recognize maybe 2 percent of what’s currently on the market

Looking for something…

  • Bigger (or at least normal sized, my hands are huge and I have too many undersized throws anyway. Plus i think i’ve done maybe 2 grinds in my entire life so the extra surface area really isn’t a big thing)
  • Heavier (66+ grams, I’m not the little boi i once was way back in 2007 when i started)
  • light green or red (or any cool color really, finding that this influences what i pick up a lot more lately)
  • Silicone response or ready for it (i have like 200 different size pads man, i’m so done with taking 30 minutes to find the right one every time i change them)
  • Not a huge gap between the response and the bearing, ie no .555 dia pads recession on an a or d size bearing

Not too sure about gap size. I used to pretend to like small bearings and small gaps to be a cool special snowflake hipster, but at some point i realized i was just pretending and started buying only C-size max-gap monsters and later realized those weren’t really my thing either (unless they had a wide sili recess) because of the looser binds and slipping. Probably like something from a maxed-out A-gap to a maxed out c-gap depending on the response.

Not terribly sure where i stand on the solid vs floaty scale, but i LOVE the Kyo senza nome for it’s ability to avoid jerkiness while remaining floaty. Other favorites include the spyy addict, hspin pyro, kyo alph, difeyo tank, 44re stardust, and YYF superstar. actually, probably just about everything made by YYF tbh. Loved my protostar until i lost it, the whole 888 line is golden, (have a couple 08s, a beaten aqua and a pretty new sb silver that all rock, 4 dv888s, probably some other’s i’m spacing on)

so yeah, if you made it through and have any suggestions i’m all ears. always kinda wanted a ti yoyo too, so don’t be worried about suggesting anything pretty out there.

oh, and apparently string is a really big thing now too? I’m down to my last 50 or so and might as well try some of the new stuff if you have any personal favorites.

c3 apparition

I know you said 66+ g but if you want a ti throw the one drop ciTIzen should be out in about a month. I believe it is 65 g. Looks amazing though.

hehe i’ve always kind of had a secret vendetta against the weirdo v-shaped stuff that keeps coming out, but that scene girl color-line is pretty enticing…

i’ll definitely look at it, it it’s ti then i’m kind of throwing any weight requirement out the window because none of the ti yoyos i’ve used have felt anything like their labeled weights with the weirdo distributions they can pop out on em

edit: holy god the sovereign looks cool too

Rainfly by king yo star and fat lucky string also by king yo star
I like to stretch my fat strings

String wise, anything by YYSL is a good shout. Ammo is my personal favourite, thick and soft, feels great to play with and has decent longevity.

As far as recommendations for a yoyo goes, the Markmont.Classic is a great shout that ticks all the boxes you gave:


It’s a fantastic yoyo (we voted it ‘Yoyo of the Year 2014’), it comes in red and green, it’s not V shaped, and it’s within your preferred size and weight range. To top it all off, it’s only $95.00.

I could obviously offer plenty of other suggestions that would also match your requirements, but the Markmont.Classic is so good, that I don’t really feel the need to.  :stuck_out_tongue:

i would highly reccomend picking up a g2 triton… nice large silicone gap that uses c sized bearing and it plays like a dream…




throws I would look at

Thanks, looking at these now. + heya dude haven’t seen you around in a while

Edit: okay well i liked literally everything here smh

You must get palpitation and slasher
You could get the new king yo star yoyos Which are releasing soon
They are a good brand

gonna be real, i’m kinda turned off by anything bi-metal

is this just me being stupid? are they actually that good?

Yoyoempire x king yo star

Eh, didn’t they just put their name on it?

Bimetal offers added stability without making the yoyo as heavy. Having a higher density rim increases the rim weight so it sleeps longer and feels more solid. That said everything I linked is good so just go with whatever has your favorite colorway. The bimetals may perform better but the others are plenty excellent and some even feel better to me. Having a bunch of stability isn’t always what you want and can feel weird sometimes but I figured if you were getting a couple that it’d be a good place to start.

Yeah, i get the concept behind the weight distribution + the increased stability, i just have a very strong probably irrational fear that the press-fit will either come loose on the first ding or be uneven right from the start

Then get one with the ring on the inside. :wink:

Keep in mind the palpitation was used for 5A. The only yoyos I’ve hear with ring problems are the nobunaga and agonist.