Hspin beyond envy

I’m looking for some opinions on this yoyo I’ve not see anything on it, and am considering it but the price has me just slightly concerned.

I know nothing of the makers other then being Swiss, do these come up on the used market or am I just going to have to suck it up and buy new (I’m looking at buying new in 6 weeks time if I cannot find one through here (bst or someone offering one for sale via pm).

What are your thoughts (looking for owners or those that have spent time with the yoyo not just an opinion with no sustenance supporting your opinion).

I like the shape but that’s no reason to spend that sort of money on yoyo.

Thanks for any thoughts, ideas, and reviews you might offer.

H-Spin is/was an amazing company that made beautiful, high-end yoyos. Chris K. is an awesome guy, as well. I have not played the Beyond Envy but it looks like a pretty cool throw. I would say not many people have played it and I’d say another one would be hard to come by.

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They are incredibly hard to come by on this bst. I have only seen one ever. But with hspins track record with their envy line I think this is an amazing yoyo without having to try it. I was a hugeee fan of the nvx and envy64 and those pop up more frequent then the beyond envy. So if your looking for a odd shaped yoyo that is a predecessor to the beyond envy those are two good starts.

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Well dang, I’ll start saving my pennies and get one then :slight_smile: I wonder if Saintrobyn did a review, I’ll have too google that.

I don’t think you’d be disappointed in any H-Spin yoyo. The Good & Evil series was awesome. The Envy series was awesome. The Pyro series was awesome. All great.

I got nothing but love for H-Spin. Good and Evil series yoyos were great and the CUT is still one of my favorite yoyos. I think you’ll like the beyond envy.

I have a Envy 64 (for sale $25 shipped) and I am not a fan.

The gap is to tiny, string rubbage removes capable spin time. It doesn’t have a recess, only takes stickers silicone stickers dif pads whatever.

Just not my favorite.

That’s not a strong case to want to buy, but I’m not in he buying game for a while.

Thats why I’m selling it so cheap. It retails in the 90-100 range but it’s no better then a DV888 or Gfunk or something.:

This has got to be the thread of the day for me, lol. You notice a whole lot of pretty useless information in the responses? Uh, I did. Think about this>

A posters says, 'Chris is a awesome guy and /I have Not played a Beyond Envy, but it looks like a pretty cool throw/?

A poster says,‘But with Hspins track record with the Envy line, I think this is an amazing yoyo without having to try it. I am a Huge fan of the NVX and the Envy 64’.

A poster says, The good and evil series was awesome. The Envy series was awesome. The Pyro series was awesome. All great’.

A poster say, The good and evil series was great and the Cut is still one of my favorites. I THINK you’ll like the Beyond Envy’.

… Pick out the 'Most Consistent Element in each of the Responses in this thread. People are basically giving a Positive type suggestion based on ‘other yoyos from the Hspin Company’. Not base on ‘personally experience’ with the actual Beyond Envy yoyo the OP is asking about.

I am not saying the Beyond Envy is a good or bad yoyo. Not at all. I would think it would be more accurate in helping a guy spend his money, to base your enthusiastic comments on personal Experience ‘with’ the subject yoyo. Not with Relatives in the Hspin Family.

There were a few comments that I personally felt were ‘good’ but still had nothing to do with Drawing the conclusion or assumption that the Beyond Envy was/is a great or even good yoyo. The NVX ‘is’ one of the Best Hspin yoyos. And the Cut ‘is’ a very good yoyo’(not exact quotes).

The Pyros were surely nice playing yoyos when they were released. Today? A 45 dollar Shutter would SMOKE a Pyro for Breakfast. The Pyros were/are fun yoyos, but the visual impact of the yoyo was its most attractive feature. I used to mod Renegades and Freehands that would run circles around Pyros, haha.

The Good and Evil series?< good cuz they could have been Worse. And Evil cuz they could have been much better. The G&E series suffered from small gap-itis and non optimal weight distribution. Inconsistent smoothness from yoyo to yoyo. Largest diameter doorknob kinda shape. Had/has an Hollow feel In flight.

The Envy and Envy 64. The Envy technically, sucks. And the 64 sucks at a lighter weight. In the last 15 years, I have Modded countless yoyos. The Envy yoyos are 2 yoyos that not even worth modding, if I could even think of a mod to subject them to. I used to buy my Hspin stuff directly from Chris. All the way back to the Original Handquake. I even have a Rare Black Pyro. Hspin was always trying to move into the future of yoyo performance. And they took chances when most yoyo makers stayed closer to ‘safe’. And even though their efforts were appreciated, few of the Hspin yoyos, I would consider:great, amazing, awesome, etc…

This isn’t a slap Hspin cuz they are gone anyways, Response. I am responding constructively simply because the posters in this thread have been recommending a yoyo, based on trying other yoyos from the Same Maker and not based on personal experience with the Beyond Envy yoyo itself.

Hey, I never thought this would happen in a lifetime, but in this thread, I would have to agree with Bcmaddogs’ comments.
‘The gap it too tiny, string rub age removes capable spin time. It only take stickers. not my favorite’.

To me, the Envy at the time, represented a new direction in yoyo shape, potentiality. It was most interesting, since at that time, there was really nothing shaped like it. But, technically, it was more of a positive vision, than a positive result.

The NVX is probably ‘the Best’ playing yoyo Hspin ever made. I have literally hundreds of yoyos. I seldom have more than a few of anything in metal, unless I really like it. I have 4 NVX yoyos. And I would probably have purchased a few more, if they weren’t released in such lame colorways, lol.

Bottom line is that I sure would not recommend a yoyo to somebody based on my opinions of other yoyos from the same maker. That surely should not motivate a yoer to spend good money on ‘assumptions’.

PS… Oops, come to think of it, I do really think my 4 NVX yoyos are Awesome. So no doubt the Beyond Envy must/should/could/has to be Totally off da chain!?

It would have to be, right? Cuz, Chris is an Awesome guy and the Cut is still one of my favorite yoyos.

I want their new yoyo… The Beyond Reality.

I’ll take a dozen.


I’ll always fondly remember Hspin for their older yoyos, everything up to the Pyro. They were truly groundbreaking.

BUT… They took huge pride in their precision Swiss engineering, and this let them down, repeatedly. The Envy was flawed, the Envy64 was flawed, the G&E3 was so flawed they had to recall the entire run (surprised they didn’t actually pick up at least one to test before shipping them to retailers across the world).

It was after this that I stopped caring. The illusion of having a an elite product manufactured in Switzerland was shattered.

I think the owner also stopped caring /had other priorities /less time to be actively involved after this, as very aspect of the business was outsourced.

I can’t comment on the quality of the releases after this. I can’t help but think of Hspin as the company that just hung around for a bit too long.

I mean no disrespect to Chris, when he was still actively involved and designing the yoyos, he was producing yoyos that really were groundbreaking.

But, meh. If I wanted a limited, hard to find Hspin, I’d much rather try find a G&E2.

Just came in here to say that they took pretty big leaps near the end to catch up

The phoenix and pyro 3 were nothing like the previous hspin throws I had tried. They both were sili recessed and ran large metric bearings like the ones you would find in OXY’s and ILYY’s so their gap is more than formidable these days. It looks like the beyond envy also uses these large bearings so I bet it would play pretty well. I myself loved their last couple releases of throws because they were really trying to make up to date throws and I think they properly achieved it while still keeping the precision and beauty of their previous throws.

Also I’d suggest buying one of the special editions off of hspins site since they’re the same price but much more rare and look far better in my opinion

I agree that the Phoenix and Pyro 3 were legit players. Does anyone remember the thread where someone purchased a special edition off of Hspin’s site and the axle did not screw in? Like the threads were not deep enough and he/she couldn’t actually use the yoyo because the halves wouldn’t screw together or something? I was looking for the thread to re-confirm my memories/hesitations but that thread alone kept me from purchasing one of the throws from Hspin’s site. It was weird and made no sense, but it was someone’s issue recently (I think).

I think (and please forgive me if I am completely wrong, I am going off of a foggy memory here…), the issue there was with the “special release” versions of the Phoenix that Hspin released. Turned out that these weren’t special releases after all, but rather a bunch of prototype Phoenixes that they anodized and then tried to get rid of. I heard there were major issues which severely affected play (such as the one you mentioned - like, actually not being able to even screw a yoyo together). Leaves a sour taste in your mouth when you drop big $$$ on something special.

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That’s probably exactly right. Thank you for helping my memory! :wink: