new release + Hspin = Infinite Possiblilities

The only time ive ever been happy to see one of my favorite websites temporarily shut down. HSPIN IS RELEASING A NEW YOYO. If Hspin really has to shut down their website to release a yoyo, then maybe they need to get a better technician, but i think its a mystery tactic. NO PHOTOS, PROTYPES, NOT EVEN A HINT ON ANYTHING. But hey, its hspin, lets break down what could be possible.

  1. Hspin Envy “Flaw to Hate” - you know how much i crave h-shapes and maybe Hspin took thos flaw to loves and made something out of them. Possibly smaller diameter and more speed and stability.
    2.Hspin Good and Evil 5- description: Wider and upgraded bearing with crazy paint job
    Outcome: maybe YYE would get these in stock and we could have our own private rave on how cool they are
  2. Hspin Jungle Lily- description - dark and light green mixed lily that handles slack better
    Outcome: It would be the first lily in my opinion that wouldn’t be so plain, IMO (excluding Blood Lily.) The finish would also cause me to wet my pants (I think i just did.)
  3. HSPIN PYRO offstring- description- a pyro with more of a diablo shape and rubber rims
    Outcome: Boy would this innovate. I would be beating up random people for money(not really.) But holy pancakes this would be a great experiement, and we know first hand from Fasano that it WOULD WORK.
  4. Hspin Cut with paint job- description- They cut may look cool silver but imagine it bronze with blue splotches
    Outcome: May not be as big of a deal as the others but whatever. Would look awesome with the chopped up style that the cut features
    6 Hspin Stefan- Hey hes sponsored by g-string too, Stefan Benjamin needs a signature yoyo. I would think he would want it to be undersized, wide, and fast.
    7 Hspin Bobbysoloham- like looping, you could buy two of them for soloham for $85.00 each! All profits would go to me Bobby!!!


can’t wait to see what it is. I hope it is a great yoyo.

i hope its affordable! I think it shoud be shaped like the pyro, but have a built in conkave bearing and a crazy paint job

If they had a KK, that would go against Dif-e-Yos patent.

I get the feeling that we’re going to be seeing the final Gorylla release come tomorrow.

Whatever it is, its a great marketing move.
They got us all talking about a yoyo we don’t know a single thing about.

If its the Gorylla, we know a little :wink:

if it is the gorylla, I hopw it comes in more than silver… that kinda bores me

maybe new bearing…
maybe anodised cut…
i think they is no more gorylla…
envy 2?
we will see…
i’m very exited about that!

The Goryllas are series of prototypes made to experiment with gap- and bearing sizes if I’m not wrong.

Addment: HSpin is bound to come up with something great, they ALWAYS do.

i cant waittttttttttt.I hope its the best hspin lol

9:28 am pst still off line