What are all the hspins?

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I know alot of the hspin yoyos but i dont think this is all of them. If there is anymore please tell me.

Here is what i know
-pyro 3
-the cut
-beyond envy
-gorylla 411
-tigorylla 411


Good & Evil 1-4, Pyro Lite, Envy, Envy64.

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Tigorylla is just a special edition Gorylla. They also had a colab with Zeekio called the Little Evil.

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oh okay thanks


G&E 4 was also known as the Lily.


Uh…how about their Original yoyo? The Handquake.


What happened to Hspin anyway?


Chris Kayatz( the main guy) said the Yoyo making was costing him more money than he was making.

And since he has a Professional job, that generates substantial funds… And he is married and has a family; it was just not worth the time or money to keep taking a loss: financially and in time that could be more effectively spent.

He still likes yoyos. But over a several year period, he calculated that he lost about 30 thousand dollars.

Breaking even on something you really enjoy, is one thing.

But losing money, pretty much burns out the fun factor, over time.

Chris is a Great guy. He just had to change his priorities.



I wonder why it wasn’t profitable. Usually when you begin to sell something you plan it out so that you make a substantial profit…


They did close due to debt but the reason they went into debt I think is because they wanted to keep making innovative yo-yo designs instead of catering to the whims of competitive players. From their website:

[i]"This clarifies it: HSPIN has no intention to turn out the lights as many of you speculate. Quite the opposite. Fewer an more extravagant eruptions of creativity is what you shall see.

After summer 2010, Spencer Berry and I recapped his observations and synthesis from Worlds. One thing he told me was that many players had shared with him that they were missing “HSPIN’s extravagant, weird creations from previous years”.

This lead me to solidify thoughts that had been fermenting in my brain for a while, and to the changes you have seen recently. HSPIN got famous because of the class-of-its-own, odd yoyo designs such as the ENVY, PYRO or Good&Evil releases. Recent efforts to cater to actively competing yoyo players resulted in frustration, cost and less success. I was running after others’ preferences rather than protecting the HSPIN that HSPIN once was.

The BEYOND ENVY is the first release that brings HSPIN back on track. I scribbled the drawings on a pieces of paper during a phone conversation in fall 2010, then took a picture of it with my Blackberry and mailed it to Had for conversion to CAD format. Prototypes were shown with great success during EYYC 2011 in the Czech Republic.

Expect solid ChrisK-style yoyo design… this one is a limited edition playing like a slim, large bearing yoyo, uncompromisingly precision-machined and assembled in Switzerland. Changes since previous versions include raw gap-side finish, “edgy” design in all aspects, large bearing, K-pad response (thanks Had) and a return to hard-core H-profile.

35 pieces per color option only. Available soon.

Weight: 63.7g
Diameter: 54.0mm
Width: 35.0mm
Gap: 4 mm
Bearing: 13mm
Response: K-pads"[/i]

So I’m speculating the decision to “put Hspin back on track” by making interesting but less competitive yo-yos like the Beyond Envy led to Hspin’s commercial decline, along with the fact that almost everyone else was into C-bearing yo-yos.

I loved Hspin. The original Pyro is what got me into yo-yoing (aside from messing around a bit with a Spintastics Tiger Shark as a kid). That yo-yo and Hspin in general were groundbreaking in many, many ways. I miss them.


LC prototype which later became the cut but simplified. The Corli Du Toit Prototype and Shinya Azuma Prototype never got produced

I think there were 4 gorylla’s but at least 3 which each represented a different bearing size like c, d, metric, and I think a. (one of them was the 616)

They also had a beefcake pyro lite that was beadblasted and blue

The first 3 runs of the pyro were basically the same but the usa and ghost pyro were updated and I believe were counted as the 2nd version.

The orginal envy wasn’t ever mentioned as well.

There were 3 different handquakes being the 1.3, 1.4, and 1.4b. They technically made a 1 of 3 1.5 out of carbon fiber too.

They also did a collaboration with zeekio to product the little evil.

Might want to just put the special editions as well. There were actually 2 tigoryllas. The original was orange with the large metric bearing (tigorylla 513 after looking) and then the silver one which ran the normal D bearing I believe.


Envy was mentioned in the very first reply to this thread, actually.


I remember Chris saying that he was heavily inspired by the book “The 4-hour Work Week” and that they outsourced EVERYTHING - which obviously adds to the costs.

The successful boutique manufacturers seem to keep things in-house as much as possible and do their own designing, own machining, own packaging, own assembly as much as possible.

Personally, I just lost interest in Hspin when they released the faulty G&E3. They never seemed to be able to recapture any of their former glory after that.

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What hspin yoyos do the hspin ir pads fit? I know some of their yoyos have different sizes that need flowable silicone. Thanks


I own a black lily once, and traded it for a noctu
kinda regret it now.
still drolling everytime I see a lily, especially the blood lily and water lily version.

I think their D bearing is awesome, give more satisfying feel when binding.

is the H2O considered an Hspin?

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I think it was a collaboration between oxygene and hspin. So i would say yes but it is a matter of opinion. Same with the little evil which was a zeekio and hspin collaboration