H-SPIN Officially Dead?

I got news from Zammy, who got news from Krisztian’s site. I need to know if this is confirmed or not. This seemed very sudden :frowning:

I saw it quoted on someone’s tumblr blog whom got it from Throw.yoyo.UK.

However, with that said I am not sure if anything is official.

I would hope not.

I have to question the business of some of the yoyo companies.

First, I’d like to see a lot of them stick around, regardless of size. It’s often the small companies in many industries that are making innovation. Then Cisco buys them up. Oh wait, that’s data comm, sorry.

Second, this is the part I start to wonder about. Regardless of the price, it seems a lot of companies aren’t able to produce enough product to keep their retail channels in stock. Most of these companies have got to be an off-shoot of some other company. As in “Hey, we make stuff, so we’ll create a division that produces yoyos and see how that works out”. I suppose yoyo isn’t the bread and butter product, so it’s often going to be the first thing to get the plug pulled on. I would hope instead of halting production, they license or sell the patents and designs to another company that might retain the brand name or something and keeps moving progress forward for the good designs.

Third, I hope this is just false rumor, or else I’m gonna have to hurry up and buy whatever yoyos this company makes that I have an interest in before someone bumps the prices up and/or stock runs out.

Just a vid I made a couple of weeks ago:

Please dont stop making yoyos Hspin!
BTW anyone tried the Antipode?

I do too hope the rumors are false. I say they should at least go out with a bang. They are so unqiue.

i got a B grade Antipode for my birthday.the response is really narrow and deep.this prevented it from binding properly. i siliconed it and it made a huge difference,but due to the response being so narrow it never quite binds the way i want,resulting in a poor throw from a loose bind :frowning: i definately hope hspin sticks around

Most of the boutique yo-yo companies are a side project by one person who also has a day job.

time to get a pyro…!

Well, either way, the Corlis Prototype looks really nice to me. Screw the price, I’ve added into my ever increasing order. Just wish my client would get me paid so I can finish this order and deal with many other things that need to be dealt with as well.

Its not a rumor, it is confirmed. But I can’t say whom the confirmation is from.


Wow! a loose bind? all of my Hspin throws have really good binds. so it plays good with the silicone?

na na na na

na na na na

hey hey hey




Seeing is believing, but I hope they don’t shut down.

If Zammy says its true, then its true, I trust him. Man, this blows. Well let us remember the awesome yoyos they released :slight_smile:

If they do shut down, let’s hope they license or authorize or sell their designs to a company who will preserve the work.

Yes, that would be good.


Sad to hear but I knew it wouldn’t be long after they said good-bye to the h-spin girls :o.

Not understanding why some seem happy about it ? Am I missing something ?
I was under the illusion that HSpin was a decent company, were they not, is there some ‘dirt’ that I am unaware of ?
They seemed to be really pushing yoyo in Europe so I don’t see how them closing up shop is considered a good thing ?
Color me confused lol.