H-SPIN Officially Dead?


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Trouble with comprehension much?


Gilda mode (Essentially, if you’re gonna get offended, don’t bother to read this.)

H-spin closing down huh, well thats the most lame thing I’ve heard all year.
Anyone who isn’t sad about this is clearly a loser who doesn’t know anything about good yoyos cause they only give in to hype-wagons like the little hype beast that they are.
Hspin made the most legit throws out there. They pushed the limits of what could be done and made stuff that was a risky move, but they did it successfully.

Pyro, wide yoyo, people hated on it, psh, probably can’t even throw a decent trick to save their life. Envy haters, buzz off, that was a truly unique throw, and all the losers who said “WAH WAH DAT YOYOZ WEIRD OMG THE SHAPE”? Psh, dweebs.

The loss of hspin is pretty sad if you ask me, and those who agree are legit in my book.

Other companies may try, but they aint gonna be 1/2 of what Hspin was. Cause face it. there can only be one legit at the top. And thats what Hspin was.


Gotta Fly.


Gilda mode done

If you read that and are now offended, I warned you, you took it on yourself to read it.

The opinions expressed by Gilda do not directly reflect my own.

I will sure miss hspin though…


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well, out of their yoyos, I think the community will miss them a lot in events, they really helped out making european events that much better

Hspin was arguably the biggest/most important european brand and with them gone, there’s a void left

that being said, I think at some point, not long ago, they might have taken some risks, and those risks didn’t pay off, in fact, it kinda backfired from how I see it. And I can’t help but feel sorry, I’ll always support companies who got balls and take risks and it’s a shame that such a company has to pay the price for it.

I hope there’s going to be something after hspin, we need these guys.

josh your always right

This is really sad.

Loved HSpin.

Chris posted an update at hspin.com

I think I may order a couple of other HSpin’s in a future upcoming order.

Doesn’t sound like dead, but merely “taking a back-seat”.

It also sounds like he under-priced himself. That must have been due to trying to get penetration into new markets. Risk, a BIG risk. But, I’ve risked and lost more than that in less time, as is the nature of the industry I work in(which isn’t yoyos). But, that’s a lot of money no matter how you slice it.

Let’s keep encouraging him to produce yoyos. If the demand stays decent, maybe they’ll expand from a projected 2 batches a year.

Well put :slight_smile:

I am officially saving up for a pyro 3.