Hspin site is back up!!!

They have switched to a black theme and have announced the new yoyo, Anodized cuts!!! Also these cuts come with hspin’s new steel/plastic bearing (plastic cage with steel bearings) its supposedly works alot better!

Pictures are from the hspin site

Oh, wow! Those are nice looking!


Now i want one even more than i did before!!!

the silver original one looks better

Well, you go get the original, I’ll take this one.

How much is it? And why isn’t it on our site?

Whoa! I wish I could buy one.

120 dollars I think, whew! Too expensive, let me know how you guys like it! I want to hear awesome stories.

Wow. How painfully disappointing.

They said a new yo-yo was launching. This was evidentally a lie.

The Cut is the one hSpin I just don’t care for. I was really hoping to sink my teeth into something new.

Yeah. That wasn’t a new yoyo, just an improved one.

They just released it! You cant magically think its going to appear here!

Unless André is a magician…eh?

Its still got the same price tag of 109 and right now its in exclusive release or something so only at certain european competitions and on the hspin site it is being sold at. Correct me if I’m wrong.

And DocRobot I have to say I’m actually excited for this release, because my only gripe about the cut I have is the plain silver look it has. But I’m pretty sure you like full sized yoyos so I guess its a preferences thing

Hmmmm. He does use Dark Magic…you never know.

I remember reading somewhere that he does sleight of hand tricks? So i guess you could say he’s sorta like a magician!

Mmm! I do like me some huge yos, no doubt about that. ;D

I’m gonna keep throwing the Pyro until they make something bigger.