I’ve been looking at some Hspin’s. I can’t keep my eyes off the Pyro Light. I was wondering if we would ever get any Hspin’s? ???


I dont think so but I dont want to give a straight yes or no answer

but who knows andre probably has a lot of surprise for us and this could be one of them

I would think no. Correct me if I am wrong, but isnt HSpin a foreign company? So I think it would be too difficult to arrive at YYE.

HSpin is a Swiss yoyo manufacturer. Pyros used to be as popular as 888’s are now, but they don’t seem to be anymore (probably due to YYF’s hubstack system). Check out The CUT, you might like that more than a Pyro Light.

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Actually in the works - HSpin is a company with a strong vision and top notch products - we have already been in communication.
You can expect to see some here in the near future. :wink:


The Holy Grail for me.

The ONLY thing I have ever wanted to finish my collection is a Pyro.

Of course, they’ll never make them again.


Oh man. There stoping making pyro’s?

The only bad thing about their yoyos is that my envy 64 eats string like there is no tomorrow.

Though that is the risk with the"flaw to love" special offer. It is still good though don’t get me wrong.

I hear The Cut is heaven on string so I’m looking towards that if the bassalope isn’t what it appears to be for my style because from the reviews I’ve been reading I think The Cut is for me. By the way does The Cut have a small or big bearing?

I’m pretty sure its a medium bearing. Hspin uses its own size bearings, check out the review on yoyoskills.com for DrYoyo’s review. and Awesome Andre! I’m gonna start saving now ;D

I ordered my Pyro Light. I wanted to try Bow Tie shape. I hope it’s pretty good!


i come from the future. where hspins are on yoyoexpert. hahahahaahahahahahhahahah yesssssssssss!

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Please don’t Necro old posts, this post is very old and don’t bring it to be funny or whatnot.

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k sorry :-\

wont happen again

Yes! Time to unleash the might picture of doom!

Dooooom!!! Dooooooommmmmm!!!

Hey Evan I think it’s funny. You were complaining about a two month old post. I did just recently buy a mint Pyro #118 to be exact.


Absolutely amazing, Grendel… You responded to a post made 15 years ago by a guy that hasn’t even been seen on the forum in 8 years, lolol😂

You slay me, homie…

PS… if you click on some of the names, many of the people responding in that thread, haven’t been seen in at least 8 years… a few of them more that 1A or 11 years, etc…

Interesting how people just fade away…….


He was complaining about a two month old post and I just had to do something. Besides I love my Pyro. Looking for more.
Also I’ve read every post here so my suggestions as to what next to look at is full of nothing but necro.


I don’t know if I have an extra pyro or not. I’ll keep an eye out when I’m rooting through stuff.

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