Pyro Light Questions

Ok, I have questions on the Pyro Light by HSpin

  1. Is it very unresonsive?
  2. Is it undersized?
  3. Is it limited edition?

Yes, kinda, I dont think so

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. No

wow…2 forum experts answered my questions! THANKS GUYS!

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Answering your first question.

When you get it, it will be massivly responsive. Hspin tends to put a ton of lube in the bearing that it comes with. Also it has two ghost pads stock. This adds to the initial responsiveness.

If you get one. Wash the bearing once, maybe even twice because it has so much lubrication in it.
And take out one of the ghost pads.

That will allow the yoyo to be unresponsive like it is ment to be.

Interesting. Mine came with a practically dry bearing. Bone dry.

I have to agree with the two pads, though. It’s a little too grabby that way, but I can see how some people would like to play with it. I certainly didn’t think it made it responsive out of the box, though.

it is unresponsive out of the has a dry bearing. it isn’t smaller than the others in diameter but it has a smaller with. not it not a limited adition they have been selling since 07. it uses uses Born Crucial Silicone GHOST pads also. well later.

keep it spinning

I must have gotten an older version considering you guys got them with clean bearings. Mine, and my two friends all had one and it was incredibly responsive out of the box.

Odd. About when was this?

I thought it was the other way around. I believe that HSpin bearings have the same 5mm width, but with a smaller diameter.

Right when they came out.

I have even heard Chris (Is that his name?) the owner of HSpin say that they do lube their bearings a lot. Maybe they stopped doing this.

I had the same thing with my cut. The bearing was responsive. Much, much more so than a normal bearing that just needs to be played. Though, I love the cut <3

I bought a cut not too long ago and the bearing was caked with lube. It was tug responsive at first. I had to clean it twice to get all the lube out. Now it plays like a charm.

This is a pretty cool read, but what does it have to do with the topic at hand?

I think it has to do with more of an update with h-Spin bearings.

you are right samad.
hspin have realy good bearing but stock it’s to responsive…
i think those new bearing will be great and unresponsive…
we will see…

for me, when you ve got a stock pyro remove a stiker and clean the bearing, then it will totaly unresponsive, it’s my setting…

so yes for the moment
-they are responsive
-full size
-not limited ed but one day they will be rare!

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