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(JDrocks!) #1

which yoyo is smoother the meteor or pyro light. and which sleeps longer and is better for string tricks? i need to learn freestyle and master tricks. Thanks for the help ;D


Well, I don’t have a Meteor, but my Pyro Light is very responsive.


They don’t sleep longer than each other, that all depends on how strong your throw is. They are both smooth. Just look at the shape and tell us what you want.
Pyro Light:

Which shape do you like? Round or Sharp?

(JonasK) #4

I’ve heard it helps to use one pad and a cleaned bearing. I believe most users of the Pyro Light uses these settings.


Yeah, I agree. H-Spin bearings are usually caked with lube, but I’ve heard rumors that they were switching to different bearings. Still, I am not sure that they have done so.

(JonasK) #6

The anodized CUTs are shipped with a plastic/stainless steel bearing.


By the way, what’s GHOST Pad response? It’s in the Pyro Light.

(JDrocks!) #8

thanks for the help rsmod (and everyone else) ;). i got the pyro light and i love it ;D

and it was unresponsive out of the box ???. better for me! :smiley: