how do pyros play?


Ok I’ve been offered a pyro (not pyro light) for my 09 888 do you think that’s a good trade.
I need to know
Is it completely un responsive?
How long do ghost pads last
is super smooth
Is it stable?
Does it spin long with its stock bearing?


When my Pyro Light came it was really responsive. When I took a ghost pad off it was unresponsive.
I wouldnt trade my 888 for a pyro.


Is it completely un responsive?

Depends on how its set up, but can be made so.

How long do ghost pads last

Not sure - but dif pads are stock.

is super smooth


Is it stable?


Does it spin long with its stock bearing?


Other info: it is heavy, almost 72g; it is very wide; the gap is narrow compared to an 888; bearing is small(ish).

All info above just my opinion, based on my sample size of 1, YMMV.

   The pyro is a unique yoyo though with its own effect on throwers. Its not particularly an amazing player and is very different than what you would see in things like an 888 or peak. Its responsive stock though as the bearing breaks in it will tend to loosen up and become more unresponsive.
   The dif pads slowly begin to deteriorate after about 2 months. It is smooth to some but others never adjust to how it varies from normal yoyos. They can also be used for offstring due to their wide and responsive attributes.

   Also just a quick tip. If you were looking into the pyro light, it is not worth the extra $30 bucks. The ghost pads wear out faster than dif pads and its narrow which most dont prefer. Also unless you are fond of pink, the looks on pyros are nicer compared to pyro lights.


I just found out it has a kk

(Jei Cheetah) #6

The pyro is a very nice yoyo, but it takes some getting used too.

They are a very smooth throw for sure, and the finish is just wonderful for grinds.

The shape is the thing that makes you either love it, or hate it.

Its a VERY wide yoyo with a quick downward slope to create its unique moth shape.
Infact, the yoyo is almost completely square.

If you are used to normal shaped, or slimline moth yoyos, you might find yourself annoyed at the yoyos shape at first.

But after throwing it for a while, it feels normal and you realize just how awesome of a yoyo it is.
Very smooth on the string, awesome play.

Now comparing it to other yoyos, it is quite over sized.
If you like doing super intricate moves and chopsticks, you might not like it.
Its a bigger and bulkier feeling yoyo.

Play wise, I find it to be a cross in play between the Hicoo West Uranium Black 1st gen, and the Bio Ego.
Somewhere in between.

Awesome yoyo, takes some time to get used too, but once you do, you wont be able to put it down!