pyro light questions...

is the pyro light sopposed to be responsive? & if so, is there any response that I can add to make in nonresponsive? helpful input appreciated.

No the Pyro light shouldn’t be responsive.

  1. You could add some YYJ thin lube.
  2. Untwist one of the sides, thus creating a wider gap, this will cause the yoyo to become less responsive.

Hope this helped!

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This is known with Pyro Lights. Try cleaning the bearing, if that won’t do it take a sticker off.

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is there any alternate response pad? thnx a lot so far. like, would a Duncan friction sticker help?? its just that I dont like the ghost pads very much…

Im not sure… but you could try silicone (thats what some people prefer) or K pads maybe? But yeah I guess you could try the duncan friction sticker.

Hope everything works out for you!
Good Luck!

but you could try silicone

u mean silicone rings?


Yeah… just try experimenting.

Pyro Light’s use pads, so O-Rings and K-pads won’t work.

I suggest doing what JonasK suggested. A good replacement for the Ghost Pads are Duncan Silicone stickers, and General-Yo Gen Pads.

Mine came responsive just recently traded it for a mint Smoked M1 with hubstacks yeah but mine came responsive you can also loosen it a bit ;D