Pyro Light Response

EDIT: I tried out a few pads/pad combinations including ghost pads, kentaro pads, dif pads and silicone stickers. I liked the Duncan Silicone stickers the best, and I’m gonna stick with those for now. If anyone who had the same problem as me finds this thread, my advice to them is get the 13.7 mm Duncan Silicone Stickers. Snappy binds, unresponsive play, and no rubbing or snags.

My Pyro Light came responsive, which apparently is common, but disappointing nonetheless. I read Duncan silicone stickers were a good, less responsive replacement for the ghost pads it comes with, but those seem to come in two sizes (12 mm and 13.7 mm). My intuition would be to go for the 12 mm since the pyro’s got a small bearing, but that’s all I got. Anyone know what size silicone stickers I should get? Are silicone stickers the best route for this operation?

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To make it unresponsive, you either have to break in the bearing, or clean it.,871.0.html

I wouldn’t change the response pad, because it would still be unresponsive, because it’s the bearing making it unresponsive, not the pad.

This is known.

Clean the bearing and if it’s still responsive take a pad out. You can break in the bearing if you want to, doesn’t hurt to play responsive for a while.

I already cleaned it and it was still responsive, so I took out a pad. Now I’m regretting that last step since it’s a little unreliable with only one pad in. I could buy s’more ghost pads, but I’d rather not since they were too responsive for my likes the first time around. That’s why I was looking for an alternative and after some browsing read a recommendation for silicone stickers. So far those seem like my best option, but since they come in two sizes I didn’t know which one to get.

Try some vaper-o pads!

Nice! I’ve never heard of those. How’re they compared to ghost pads and what size should I get for a pyro light?

If its a small bearing, your gonna go with small.
If your bearing is large your gonna go with large. LOL

The one dollar packs include 1 PAD!
so i suggest you buy a ten pack!

I bought some yesterday, they are yet to come.

BUt i already tried the vapor o rings, so I think these are a good choice. They offer tight binds while still maintains the unresponsivness you want in a yoyo.

And the reason you haven’t heard of them is because they are made by alchemy. THey are mostly discontinued, but make great yoyos. They are a small company.


PS: if you are not satisfied it is not my fault lol

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Sorry for double posting. If you want more response, go with these vapor-o stickers.
They are twice as thick as the vapor-o-pads

The PYRO LIGHT comes responsive, yes. I recommend to clean the bearing and to remove one of the stickers. That gives a nice unresponsive play. You can also replace the stickers with thin difpads.

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