Pyro pad replacement?

So I have this old Pyro that I’ve been trying to learn unresponsive tricks on. Its okay, but binding was still a pain, to the point that I was considering going back to responsive yoyoing.

Then I bought a OneDrop and holy cow! So /this/ is what its supposed to be like, that was a eureka moment. Now I know that my Pyro just doesn’t bind for crap. Slips, slips, misses, etc. So, determined to find out if I actually like the Pyro or not, I decided I needed to play with it at its best. I googled around and saw that it can take .555 pads.

So I ordered some thing .555 silicone pads from some place, and just put them on today. Throw . . . tug . .bam! Comes back! But, uh, doesn’t need a bind at all.

It appears that instead of returning the Pyro to an snappy binding unresponsive yoyo, I’ve instead turned it into a responsive yoyo. Convenient for one-handed walk-the-dogs around the hallways at the office, sure, but not what I was trying to do. :confused:

So… is this just because the pads are new? I’ve never installed new silicone pads before, and I’ve read here and there that pads in general can be snappier when new… but from what I think I’ve read, thats a decrease in the snappiness of binds as they break in, not that they’d start out responsive, and break in to unresponsive. Or maybe they’re just too thick for the recesses in the Pyro body?

I’ll certainly keep throwing it, and see if the responsiveness changes, but if I’ve got the wrong things in there, I’d love some guidance from someone who knows of what they speak.

Anyone know a good, snappy, responsive-to-binds but otherwise unresponsive, set of response pads that are tried and true on the Pyro?

Oh, and in case they were different sizes between versions, afaik, this is the pyro 1st gen.

I’m sure the experts will know just by sight, so here’s a pic:

Thanks in advance!

Excellent! I just saw a reference to that elsewhere, so thanks for the +1 vote. Ordered! :slight_smile:

No idea really. I found it in a pad sizing guide here:

Which I took to mean 3 differnet type of pads that would all fit. So I googled for them, and the only thing I found were .555 response pads at another site. Listed as “Thin .555 Silicone Brake Pads”, so I gave them a shot. They arrived looking like this:

So, I don’t know if those are dif-e-yo, I have no idea. I’m kind of new/clusless to all this. The extent of my yoyo maintenance until about a month ago was replacing the string on my Zombie. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was mistaken, the dif pads are what mine had originally. The duncan sili pads replaced those. I also use them in my hspin lily.

Dif pads are black. They generally feel unresponsive to me.