Need Pads!

Ok, so I have a performance coming up and I really wanna use my Pyro Light in it. One problem, the ghost pad that came stock with it ( I took one out so it’d be unresponsive ) are super slippy now :frowning: I need to find a way to either make new pads, or if someone could be kind enough to send me like dif pads or ghost pads or something, Id pay for them, its just that i cant buy them from a store :frowning: so yeah if someone could help me out thatd be great! I do have feedback on YYN if anyone was interested in sending me some! thanks in advance!

I don’t know anything about the response on the pyro but if it will take silicone that would be a good option. I got the chance to try a pyro recently and it was horrible the gap was just too small. If you need a yoyo now for competition I would just use a different one.

it doenst take silicone, trust me id sili it if it had a recess, its what i do to all my yoyos. This yoyo is making me hate pad response lol I love it, the small gap dont bother me, i can still do all my tricks and fyi im not a noob. im just hopin someone could like buy pads for me and send them to me, and id reimburse them.

Gettin some dif-pads ;D