Whats so special about the Pyro?

I just agreed to trade for a pyro on the B/S/T. I just thought they looked cool and figured if Hspin can make a yoyo as awesome as the cut I should try out the pyro. So I just read the post with DocRobot hoping for one to arrive here and was wondering just what makes them so special?

What makes the 888 so special? Or the Peak? Or Noctu? (Wait, scratch that last one. The sweet, sexy body shape is what makes the Noctu special.)

Everyone I’ve just named is special to me, for my own various reasons. YMMV.

I can tell you from my personal point of view why I love the Pyro, if it’ll help at all.

I love the body shape (quite similar to my beloved Spyder), the weight, the smoothness, the art and etching, even the sound of the thing.

It’s all subjective, though. You may throw one sometime and hate it. I’d like to think not, as it’s one of the best throws out there, but you might. :wink:

Now if I could just talk Andre or someone into telling me I need to own the Pyro Light. Hint, hint.

Edit: Is it mint?

The pyro was the first yo-yo to be produced in large quantities that was … im going to say it… SMOOTH. It is uniquely wide and plays like nothing else made. Now Im not saying this is a good thing for you or anyone else, since its release many yo-yos have been created which meet its level of smoothness and personally I dont like the pad setup but I still have alot of respect for the Pyro.

Well, in my opinion, the HSpin Pyro was what the YYF eight8eight is now. When I first started yoyoing, everyone wanted a Pyro. They were the most sought after high-end yoyos when I began yoyoing, but I was in college at the time and never had enough money to afford one. I now own a YYF eight8eight, but I have always, and will always, want a Pyro. I own an Envy 64, and I can say that HSpin yoyos are some of the finest crafted, and smoothest yoyos out there. Pyros also have those iconic flames on both halves that make these yoyos unmistakable. To me, it’s all a matter of changing trends in the yoyoing world.

there was a point a few years ago when it seemed like a.) everyone had one and b.) everyone was still somehow freaking out about them. just a really good, well-marketed yo-yo that had freaking FLAMES on it.

It is near minty :smiley:

in my opinion, (and i have never used a pyro before) the pyro is so special because it looks so good! now, that may seem a bit shallow, but i mean, that’s the whole point to yoyo’s they look really really cool! i’m sure they work well too though…

From what I’ve heard, the Pyro is a great yoyo. And since the light version is supposed to be BETTER than the original pyro. You really want the pyro light docrobot, you just don’t know it. You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream/pyro light.
And to answer the topic question: The pyro is a real good yoyo, that’s twhat’s so special with it. And of course, like all HSpin yoyos, they look stunning.

You MUST own a Pyro Light!!!.. Now give me your Spyder lol

From where did you conceive that piece of information?

I’d imagine he inferred it from hSpin’s website…
"Since the release of our former flagship, the PYRO, we have been chasing world class players for feedback on how to improve its playability even further. The synthesis of what we learned is implemented in the latest PYRO LIGHT.

The PYRO LIGHT is 61g, 40mm wide, 55mm diameter and is all many people wanted the PYRO to be: Suitable for faster effortless stringplay. It was again feedback from players worldwide collected over two years that lead to this yoyo. As Generation 2 yoyo it is made at our new producer with the highest precision standards and best Japanese lathing machines on the market.

After several prototypes, this yoyo reflects many players wish list for a world class yoyo: Significant weight reduction (62.3g) and reduction of width (40mm).

You will find the PYRO LIGHT much faster to play with, grinding capabilities are continuously outstanding and machining is of the highest precision."[/i]