HSpin Pyro Light Review

I haven’t seen a review for the Pyro Light yet, so here’s mine!

Diameter: 54.75 mm
Width: 39.79 mm
Gap Width: 3.02 mm
Weight: 62.10 g
Bearing Size: 5x11x5
Response: Flush dif-e-yo pads

First Impressions

This thing has a very common butterfly shape. I noticed the gap is a little small too. The flame engravings are so sick, and look pretty awesome while spinning.



It fits in your hand really well. Very comfortable, not too wide, but not too thin.



Dang. This thing is dead smooth. Even on a bad throw, it plays with no vibe. It spins for an incredibly long time, and can handle any tricks you throw at it. I can do incredibly long combos with it. One thing you can definitely feel during play is how light it is. I think the length of the combos would be increased by a lot if there was more rim weight, and weight in general. Binds are not too snappy, and barely ever snag. Most throws are quite smooth, probably due to how recessed the pads are.



Not bad at all. The flames don’t really interfere with the grinds. The finish on the Pyro Light is very grindable. Thumb grinds aren’t too bad either, and the angle on the IRG is very round. My thumb sits in the lip well.


Overall: 8.7/10

This is a very nice playing yoyo, and I recommend it to anyone who wants a solid throw, at a price that’s common with most metals.

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Nice review! I was thinkin of getting one on ebay. :wink:

I’m glad you like my Pyro Light. I told you it was dead smooth. :wink:

I can’t wait for my G5!

It is!!!

And I’ll ship the G5 tomorrow. With 5 threadz strings!

Sweet! I’m looking forward too it!

from my personal expierence the pyro light is a piece of crap. the first time i threw mine the string broke and damaged the snot out of it. i sanded it and put a fresh piece of string on it and it snapped again. the gap is tiny and cannot handle multiple layers of string. the stock bearing sucked. the spin time was short. for the price, this yoyo is not worth it. it may have good balence and good lazer engravings but that is it. i DO NOT RECOMEND this yoyo at all.
your review was good but what yoyo are you talking about? sorry, this is just my personal expierence and opinion.

I disagree. It may just be the engravings on your Pyro Light that caused the string snapping. I’ve played a piece of poly string on it for days without it breaking.

my very first time throwing it was with a new piece of poly string. and the second time i actually threw it was with a new piece of poly as well

I would ditch the 10 scale system because it is subjective for everyone and add more of your own personal experiences on that yoyo.

Addition to Jonas: Well, yeah this review is Solid but with more personal experiences, it makes it amazing.

Looking away from those numbers, the review is SOLID. Not too many words, but those words described everything they needed to and maybe even more.

And the bind you get from a D bearing is great isn’t it? The binds aren’t really snappy, but they are tight and the yoyo always rolls up smoothly.