My Hspin Pyro Review
Finally got my new PYRO!

Weight: 65.5g
Diameter: 52.0mm
Width: 41.9mm
Gap: ~4mm
Bearing: 13

The finish looks amazing and the size fits in my hand well. The bearing has a little noise which I like, the HSPIN NVX had a plastic/metal hybrid bearing that was silent and couldn’t really tell when it was going to spin out. So I actually like a little noise. The price is a bit steep for me at but I decided to splurge because I have been waiting for this for a while. It has a flow-able silicone response system that works very well, no sloppy binds so far. It is well balanced and has hardly no noticeable vibe on a good throw. It has a great edge for thumb grinds and the finish allows long grinds without losing much momentum. Reviews seem to be a little biased when we get in a new yoyo that we have been waiting for so I’m trying to stay neutral but I do love it… 2 thumb grinds up! Now after a month or so of owning the Pyro, it seems that the finish has a few marks. I always use over a carpet but other than that I love the yoyo but dosen’t seem to be as stable as the Code 1 which I will give my review on shortly along with the BlitzFire from Yoyomamma.