pyro like new yoyos

Ok so my favorite yoyo of all time is the Hspin Pyro. The original one not the slim or the one they decided to call the Pyro 3. I love everything about the original Pyro. Some people said it was like throwing a soup can but that’s what i loved about it. It was extremly stable, it grinded better than any yoyo i’ve played with. I loved the finish on it and i loved how easy it was to do grinds with their IRG. My only problem i had with it were the pads it came with and the small bearing size. Does anyone know of a newer yoyo that has came out recently that would compare to the specs of a Pyro, the finish of a Pyro, and the IRG of a Pyro but with a silicone response system and a larger bearing (Size C)

I believe the specs for the Pyro were
Diameter:55 mm
Width:44 mm
Weight:72 g

If anyone has any suggestions it’d be greatly appreciated

for that weight a chaser sounds good for you (73.8g)

the canvas is similiar just might be a little too skinny for you